Stacie L ended up being a DIYer for plenty of reasons—mostly to conserve money. She has tips the she has used it s her to assist with her DYI projects.

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Splish Splash in the Backyard

As a youngster, I appreciated the water an extremely much and always looked forward to the dog work of summer. I would certainly spend most of the day in the water playing with my friends until we looked choose wrinkled prunes. No one provided a 2nd thought to the lot of maintain involved—the price of the chemistry to save the water sparkling, the electric bill to store the pump filter running, the acquisition of floats and also toys to save us entertained. Children only see and dream around the funny of jumping in, doing cannonballs, diving, and also practicing backstrokes.

Deciding to take It every Down

Then one day, who noticed the the liner to be worn out and needed replacing. No one was interested in using it anymore, and the chemicals ran over $100 a month. Cooling off in my own pool up until a few years earlier was enjoyable until I had actually to execute all the cleaning, winter storage, chemistry maintenance, and also upkeep that the parts. It appeared that the filter and pump parts were costing an ext and more. The equipment, such as the sheet skimmer, entry filter, and ladder, to be wearing out quicker than ns remembered together a kid.

The job came once the decision had actually to be made to take it it down. Remove a backyard above-ground swimming pool by yourself may sound prefer a Herculean task, but I promise that it deserve to be done.


my i m really sorry looking swimming pool liner and also the rust behind it

Stacie L's backyard pool

Worn Out swimming pool Liner

I began to realize the the fun part was shrinking and also the work part was increasing. Mine moment of clarity arrived one morning ~ watching the swimming pool level drop for the 3rd day after pour it until it is full the pool with water.

Actually, the decision come discard it came after emptying the water to replace the worn the end liner and also seeing the rusty holes of the interior walls! The photo listed below is mine actual pool and also how it looked once the wall surfaces were take away down. What fun that was!


My backyard pool, level on the ground.

Stacie L

Tools Needed

Here is the list of tools needed to take under an on floor pool.

heavy duty metal cutterscordless drillcordless screwdriverPhillips head and straight edge screw bitssump pump50 foot garden hoseropebungee cordslarge boxes

How long Will it Take?

Before taking on this job, you must have the right mindset. It will certainly not be done in simply one day—3-4 job from start to end up is a an ext realistic goal. Organization and patience space the greatest needs. I will offer basic alternative at the end.

How to Take under an Above-Ground swimming Pool

The complying with steps will aid make the project a lot easier:

Connect the water tap to the height connector top top the sump pump and lower the pump in the middle of the pool. Be sure to walk the finish of the hose as much from the swimming pool as possible.Plug in the sump pump come the exterior outlet and also check to view that water is coming the end of the hose. This may take 3 days if you have a big pool such together a 24' x 4' pool.When the water is so low the the pump is sucking in air, then unplug it. Eliminate sump pump and remove the water tap from it.Remove the filter hoses, clamps, intake and also pool filter away from the pool, if you haven't currently done this. Collection the filter and also pump aside, placed it out of the way.With the spicy scissor or knife, start cutting the liner all roughly the top edge. Walk about the pool outside or within ;whichever is less complicated As the liner drops, start to traction it in the direction of the middle, far from the wallStart remove the top connecting panels that the pool v a cordless drill or driver in reverse to eliminate the screws. As each panel is removed, place them in a large boxNow start unscrewing the wall, wherein it meets this bolts or screws will certainly be larger and also may need some help. After the wall surface is opened up up, start cutting 3 foot sections of it v the hefty duty metal cutters. This will certainly make the job of removing the pool wall surface much easier.After cutting and also removing the part of the pool wall, the bottom steel rim that held the wall up will need to be disassembled. Begin pulling that up out of the dust or sand and unscrew the bolts. A couple of large boxes will most likely be required to save the pieces.

Tips to do the job Easier

I have some tips to make your job and also life a little easier.

First, you re welcome have enough patience because that this job and also be organized for this project. It will certainly take at least three to 4 days from begin to finish. Don't shot to rush this process, together it is bigger 보다 you and it will certainly win.Next, be ready for problems. Rust have the right to make the task tougher. Steel pieces will certainly break off and also bolts don't always unscrew.Lastly, you may need assist to background the metal wall surface sections out and roll up. Lock are hefty so don't strain yourself. If you cut the wall surface into smaller parts, roll it up and tie it with a rope or bungee cord. It will be much simpler to remove.You might want to take the components down to the local dump if enabled in your area. I'm not certain the trash collector would be so happy to see all this at the curb.

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I recognize you can do this task by yourself, because I did that by myself.

If friend can acquire help, then perform so! make a party out of it. Market refreshments and have a BBQ!