I had this strong urge come make some rune stones from clay. I"ve done it before with a batch the air dry clay and while it to be a pains to job-related with it was something I wanted to shot again. I went the end in find for my clay, however when I gained to the store, they were completely sold out. Ns stared in ~ the empty shelf in dismay. How might the web lie to me and also say that they had actually it in stock?On mine walk that shame the end of the store, something recorded my eye.

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On a arbitrarily aisle i spied large packs of pat Doh ~ above sale for $1.75 a piece. I thought, shoot, for the price, why not provide it a try? So once I go to purchase them, to my utter surprise they ring increase 50 cent a item for a approximately 10 oz bag of play Doh. It was an tremendous deal because in the crafts ar they were marketing 2 ounce cups of the stuff because that an insane mark up.
The factor I composed this post, however, is since of one main complaint i have about Play Doh: no one really seems to recognize much about its actual nature or just how to carry out cool stuff with it. I searched voraciously top top the internet for many information tutorials ~ above the subject, feather for instances of fine arts Play Doh sculptures, advice on painting it or various crafts to perform with it. Sure, I found a couple of things. I uncovered a many videos by pre teen girls sharing your Play Doh charm collections (which were in reality pretty awesome) and many links to the pinterest craft about making your very own Play Doh and also making an ornament of her baby"s hand or dog"s paw or something. Ns even uncovered one instance of pat Doh offered in a well art setting where the artist reduced out many colored swirled circles of play Doh and also made detailed mosaics the end of them.All well and great but, where"s the real answers come my questions here? i couldn"t find much ~ above anything. It was then establish that ns was walk to have to lead by example and also write about this pressing matter myself. Favor a foolish scientist, i will need to record my findings.Here is one woman"s effort to answer "Frequently request Questions" for any type of strange heart who decides they want to execute something major with beat Doh. To conduct my "experiments" I began out with simply a couple of basic projects to see exactly how it functioned including some different charms and also magnets. As a disclaimer, this is all simply based turn off of an individual experience for this reason far, and also I only experimented on smaller pieces and also not any huge ones, therefore the info may no be completely accurate or applicable come you. However, at the very least this must be a great jumping off point for any type of curious crafters the end there who want to seriously try Play Doh for themselves.

Play Doh and also Salt Dough- What is this stuff?

First the all, what is beat Doh? It"s actually an ext close come a cookie dough 보다 actual clay. Many clays have actually an aspect of soil or dirt to them but Play Doh is mainly made up of salt and flour. That"s why there are so numerous recipes out there to make her own, and also why play Doh needs to advertise itself together a "modeling compound" and also not "modeling clay." This is also the vital to maintaining Play Doh nontoxic and, weirdly enough, edible. When world make this ingredient themselves, they speak to it Salt Dough. Whenever you view an artist saying that they use "salt dough" know that they covertly are utilizing a derivative of pat Doh and also don"t want you to judge them for using a modeling link supposedly produced children! Interestingly, if you find for salt dough jobs you will certainly get an ext serious outcomes than beat Doh also though they are virtually the very same thing.

How execute you dry out Play Doh there is no cracking or crumbling it?

There"s a few strategies I uncovered to achieve this. A lot of of people suggest food preparation it in the oven favor a "normal" piece of clay, yet I thought this appeared kind that reckless considering exactly how notorious pat Doh is because that cracking and also crumbling as soon as dry. Ns have always been said to dry clay out slowly if you space trying to save it indigenous cracking, therefore I used this expertise to mine Play Doh creations. How I accomplished this- ns left the pieces on a tray to dried in a reasonably cool place that was not next to a draft. I also kept it away from too much heat, sunlight and humidity. In short, I just left the on my workdesk for around a week. So far, I have the right to say that none the my charms or bits knowledgeable cracks or crumbles. Just shot to keep your sculptures on the smaller sized side and also avoid long thin pieces that extend outside that the sculpture and you will certainly be pretty for sure from cracks and crumbles. What friend really must look the end for is salting.

What is "Salting?"

Untreated pat Doh Hamburger, before drying and afterwards. Notice the deposit that salt ~ above the surface of the number in the 2nd image.

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The principle of salting to be originally brought up to me through SoCratfastic"s video clip on pat Doh tips and tricks. Ns don"t recognize why exactly it happens, however during the drying process, (probably having actually something to carry out with the moisture and the salt content of the compound,) a the majority of Play Doh pieces come to be kind that "ashy" or "salty" looking rather of remaining smooth and colorful. It"s not right for pieces that are claimed to it is in jewelry due to the fact that it just looks type of bad and unlike that is clay compounded siblings which dry smooth and true to color. This to me seems favor the greatest limitation to using Play Doh, and also the greatest unknown factor when it pertains to the success of her project. I"ve noticed a few factors that seem to effect the salting-
A flat relief sculpturemade of beat Doh that dried beautifully.
So Craftastic argues drying the piece evenly, yet I personally haven"t uncovered much of a consistencywiththis technique. My very first batch of charms to be flipped and also turned and rotated tohigh heavenin order come ensure the every square customs evenly dried, however this didn"t it seems ~ to have made a difference in the inescapable saltiness that the pieces, if no pronouncing the difficulty even more. However, I need to note that your results may vary with this technique. Ns live in the south and also experience a many humidity. I frequently wonder if exactly how arid or humid your atmosphere is may effect the drying process in general. The scientific research behind this is beyond me, but if you want to store your pieces untreated, you"ll have to experiment for yourself to see specifically how it reaction to your personal drying location.On the various other hand, ns actually found that if you leaving the pieces to dry flat and also don"t move them much, that many of salt will work out at the bottom / ~ above the backside of your piece. This just really functions if you space doing a two dimensional sculpture, however I had good success through those type of pieces.After trial and error, it"s my opinion the the best way to avoid salting in 3D pieces is to simply put a sealant end the piece before it has a chance to totally dry and also salt over