Now the Pokemon go has added all the Gen 2 Pokemon (Gold/Silver/Crystal game Boy games) to the game, some all brand-new ways come reach classic Pokemon are easily accessible in the kind of "baby" Pokemon, or together we briefly called them in the late 90s, "pre-evolutions". These space basically execution of Pokemon that evolve right into Pokemon we"re already familiar v from Gen 1.

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Pokemon Go guide & Tips

If friend need more tips for Pokemon go including more information on exactly how to catch and also evolve a selection of the beasts, be certain to check out the rest of our Pokemon walk guides.

The top example of a pre-evolution is of course Pichu, the baby Pokemon the becomes Pikachu, but Gen 2 adds a bunch that them come the video game including Magby, Smoochum and also Tyrogue. On this web page it"s the last one we"re interested in - the small kung-fu capable fighting kind who has actually the capability to end up being a fighting legend.

Tyrogue deserve to be progressed into three various Pokemon, making it similar to exactly how Eevee have the right to be developed into a variety of different Pokemon each with various skills. Lot like Eevee the means you evolve into the potential new Pokemon Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop counts on some outside factors beyond you triggering the evolution. Through Eevee we had to put together a in-depth page explaining all the Eevee development methods, and also it just seemed way to carry out the same here. So... Let"s do it.

How to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and also Hitmontop

The first step to evolving Tyrogue is... Well, it"s to capture a Tyrogue. These tiny beasts deserve to be found out int he wild as with any kind of Pokemon, however they mercifully can likewise be discovered inside 5km Pokemon Eggs, as illustrated on our Pokemon walk Egg Chart. Tyrogue is one "uncommon" egg hatch, which makes it a tiny less i can not qualify than basic Pokemon but still no actually that complicated to flower - so obtain walking and hatching!

Once you have actually your hands on her Tyrogue you"ll want to look right into evolving it. Just like Eevee"s evolutions, exactly how the evolves is based on an outside factor: though where Eevee it"s down to the Pokemon"s surname or a random chance, Tyrogue"s evolutions room a lot much more predictable, as displayed in the video clip above from YouTube user Yanrique Wright.

Here"s the deal:

To evolve Tyrogue into Hitmonlee

In bespeak to obtain your hand on kicking Bruce Lee tribute Hitmonlee you"ll should make certain Tyrogue"s assault is the greatest of its main stats. If that"s the case, Hitmonlee will be the result when you feeding Tyrogue 25 candy to evolve it.

In bespeak to inspect Tyrogue"s stats, usage the appraisal device - the professor will tell you which that the Pokemon"s stats is the most impressive.

To evolve Tyrogue right into Hitmonchan

Jackie Chan-inspired punch understand Hitmonchan was obtainable in the wild already, but if you want to evolve the from Tyrogue you"ll must make sure Defence is its highest stat. Feed it the 25 candy if that"s the case and also out mr Hitmonchan.

If you require to find out Tyrogue"s optimal stat use the in-game appraisal tool. The Pokemon Professor will let you understand which of its stats is most impressive, and also for Hitmonchan you must hope because that defence.

To evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop

Hitmontop is yes, really the Tyrogue advancement that most civilization want - it"s a brand-new Pokemon because that generation 2 and also honestly - it"s cool. I mean, it spins about on that spiky head like a spinning height (thus the name) and also smashes world with kicks. It"s good stuff. Anyway, to get Hitmontop you"ll need Tyrogue"s greatest stat to it is in its Stamina / HP. If that"s the case, once it evolves it"ll evolve into Hitmontop.

To find out if Stamina / HP space Tyrogue"s height stat, use the appraisal tool and also get the professor to look at her Pokemon. The professor will flat-out tell friend its many impressive stat.


Other Tyrogue advancement Tips

Plenty more Pokemon go tips and tricks have the right to be found in our comprehensive Pokemon go guide.

For the record, it"s not feasible to actually affect the stats of her Tyrogue - it"s totally random, so cross your fingers and hope for good luck. Pokemon that hatch from egg are an ext likely to it is in quicker, and 5km eggs space your fastest way of potentially farming many Tyrogue uneven you"re near a natural swarm of the creatures.

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As stated a couple of times above, if you need to discover out which of your stats is peak with Tyrogue, the quickest method is to usage the appraisal device you uncover when you check out a Pokemon - the professor the helps you out will provide you information on the Pokemon, and also though vague it does bald tell you the finest of that is stats.

Don"t forget that to farm yard the candy essential to evolve Tyrogue girlfriend can collection Tyrogue together your girlfriend Pokemon and also walk with it - together you do, you"ll it is in rewarded candy every 5km.