The standard PS2 memory card has an 8MB capacity and also some PS2 users are frustrated how quick 8 MB filling up. In this post, MiniTool talks about the memory card, consisting of its usage, easily accessible on market, and common issues.

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Although PS5 will certainly be exit at the finish of 2020, the old-generation the PS2 has come to be the best-selling video game console of every time. Together March that 2020, the console has actually sold virtually 158 million units throughout the world. However, several PS2 users have some doubts about PS2 storage card. So, this article will take about PS2 memory map from different aspects.

PS2 memory Card

PS2 comes v a memory map that supplies NAND Flash that is a non-volatile type of memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed and the memory map is used to save data such as conserve files and also in-game creations. Most most likely PS2 users carry out not require a spare memory map as game save commonly takes up at many 450KB and also other saves only take up tiny space in the memory card.

I gather some common issues the “memory map PS2” from the internet and also show the reasons and corresponding solutions. If girlfriend run right into one that them, friend can try to fix it through yourself. Let’s view what lock are.


Common Memory map Types: SD, TF, CF, MMC, MS, xD, and also XQD

This short article introduces common memory card varieties on the market, consisting of SD cards, TF cards, CF cards, MMC cards, multiple sclerosis cards, xD card, and also XQD card.

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PS2 Memory map Won’t Load

The very first issue is PS2 memory card failing come load. That is as frustrating as windows can’t detect an outside hard drive.

When her PS2 cannot detect the memory card, you must make certain whether there room something wrong with the memory map slot, the memory card or the PS2 console. You have the right to examine lock by inserting the memory card into a various slot of the exact same PS2 and connecting come a various PS2.

PS2 Memory map Won’t Save

If PS2 memory card won’t save, the possible reasons room improper insertion and also lack the capacity. So, there are two workarounds to deal with this issue.

Examine the link issue:

Check the memory card slot for any type of obstructions and check whether over there is any dust, dirt, or grime on the memory map connector and slot. If you discover them, you deserve to use a have the right to of compressed air come clean them.

Free up the memory map space:

If the connect issue is excluded, you can move to examine if the memory card cost-free space is enough.

Power on your PS2 and also make sure there is no key on the system;Select Browser from the main Menu and also choose the memory map from the browser menu.Compare the amount of complimentary space ~ above the storage card and the room requirements of the video game you desire to save.If the complimentary space is no enough, you have to delete part unneeded papers by choosing them with the X button and then picking the Delete option; you need to replace the memory map if there is enough totally free space.

As we know, when hard drive filling up, that is not always useful to delete papers from it. This walk the same on the PS2 memory card. So, if friend often face “PS2 memory card won’t save” as result of lack the capacity, girlfriend should think about upgrading your PS2 storage card.

Some PS2 users look for for a bigger memory card to eliminate the little memory map capacity:

What"s the best PS2 memory card? I"m asking due to the fact that I"m getting frustrated how fast 8MB filling up as soon as I"m gaming, particularly when GameCube provides a 1019 currently that never ever seems to operation out.atariage.com

In the market, Sony PS2 memory cards room no more than 8MB, yet there are numerous of non-Sony manufactured memory cards obtainable for the PS2, prefer Mad Catz, Blaze, Nyko, and more, and also the largest PS2 memory map is up to 512MB in the market.

Some PS2 individuals wonder even if it is these memory cards deserve to be used for your consoles due to the fact that they space not main peripherals for PS2. In fact, these storage cards do the very same thing as a Sony memory card does and some even have additional features such together incorporating game cheat codes.

Now there are many memory cards for PS2 with various sizes, gift 16MB, 32MB, 128MB, and also 256MB.

16MB & 32MB PS2 memory Card

As to 16MB and 32MB PS2 memory card, girlfriend can think about one from Katana. Kanata’s main Sony-licensed PS2 memory card enables you come load, save, copy with ease. Furthermore, the storage card functions MagicGate encryption as well as Kanata’s ingenious comfort gripping and glow indicator light.

64MB & 128MB & 256MB PS2 memory Card

If you desire a 64MB memory map for her PS2, girlfriend can shot one indigenous Old Skool. This memory card is compatible v all PS2 systems and all PS2 games. Through this card, you have the right to load, save, copy, and also delete video game saves with ease.

For 128MB and 256MB PS2 storage cards, friend can shot Suncala’s memory card. The memory card is fully compatible v Sony PS2 and also PS2 Slim. Plus, it comes through an upgraded innovation chip the can procedure and conserve the games faster by 15% than the enlarge version.


Step 1: connect your PS2 memory card to a windows PC.

Step 2: Open paper Explorer where you should uncover your memory card. Right-click it and choose the Format option.


Or you can shot MiniTool Partition Wizard the is a experienced Windows-based partition manger. This regimen not just can aid you style a memory map for PS2, but also is helpful when PS2 memory card gets corrupted. Just how to use it? The whole procedure is simple.

Free Download

Connect her PS2 memory map to a home windows PC.Download the program, install it and also launch it.On the main user interface of the program, examine whether the storage card has actually been loaded. If yes, to mark it (here i take Partition H for example) and also then pick the Format Partition feature.Confirm the info (select FAT together the paper system) on the layout Partition home window and climate click OK.Click the Apply button to execute the changes.


PS2 Memory map Corrupted & Data Loss

Lots the PS2 customers encounter PS2 memory card corruption. When the concern happens, this way data loss. If you have no back-up the documents on the storage card, it can be claimed that data loss deserve to be an extremely agonizing, because Sony has stopped developing PS2 games because the finish of 2012.

If you really desire to retrieve lost data from her PS2 storage card, you can try one the the expert data recovery tools.

You have the right to also try MiniTool Partition Wizard. Except the data recovery function, it additionally offers the Copy Partition feature for file backup. How to operation MiniTool Partition Wizard to retrieve the data native PS2 storage card? follow the accuse below.

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Step 1: connect the memory map to a windows PC.

Step 2: acquisition MiniTool Partition Wizard and also install it on the home windows PC.

Step 3: ~ above the main interface of the program, examine whether the storage card has been loaded. If yes, click the Data Recovery function.


Step 4: discover the memory card and also highlight it. Then, click the Scan button. Right here I still take Partition H for example.


Step 5: Wait for some minutes and you will view the scanning result. Select the data you want to restore, and also then click the Save button.

Cautions when Using PS2 storage Card

To ensure the you deserve to use her PS2 memory map for a lengthy time and also avoid several of the above mentioned PS2 memory card issues, you must keep the complying with cautions in her mind.


Store it through room temperature ~ use.Put that in a location in the plastic cover after use.Put it firmly in the memory map slot of her PS2.Save the gamings you yes, really need.Check the data on that from time come time and also delete those unneeded save games or files.Try your ideal not to let it fall to the floor or bump right into anything hard. 

YOU should NOT:

Put her fingers in the opened of the memory card where it connects to the PS2 memory card slot, which could damage the data ~ above the memory card.Try to open up the PS2 memory card together exposing the innards the the map will, in many cases, do it usable.Remove the while a game is right now saving. This might reason the memory map to it is in usable afterward.

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Bottom Line

Now, I finish what I want to share through PS2 memory map users. Have actually your doubts around PS2 memory card been dispelled?

Something might be missed the end in this post and also you deserve to write other doubts under in the complying with comment region if friend want united state to help you number it out.

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In this post, ns share through you exactly how to style a PS2 storage card and restore data from the storage card with MiniTool Partition Wizard. If you ran into some questions once using this tool, please feel complimentary to contact us via .