I want to do my very own console, so i tried hiring numerous times in the critical 5 years of my game, using the most expensive options. I never ever saw any hardware engineers until the escaped monkey was announced and appeared in the applicants list. At that point, the video game was virtually over.

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Is the monkey the just hardware engineer you have the right to hire, or is it possible to hire others, earlier? perhaps it"s just the happy of who applies?



If an employee is level 5 in Coder, Writer, Designer, and also Sound Engineer, you can then train them together a manager or Producer.

If they room level 5 in Director and also Producer together well, you can make them a Hardware Engineer.

The limiting variable here is the after so many level-ups, your salary will certainly be very high (2 million dollars or more).

As much as i know, this is the only method to gain a Hardware Engineer beforehand in the game.


One method to obtain a hardware technician is to level an employee as much as level 5, then adjust their project to something rather (I would certainly assume come something that"s not already level 5). Then, level them increase again come level 5. Store doing this process until hardware engineer mirrors up ~ above the list of project changes.


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