Go to Mr. Backlot’s mansion, go to his room, and look at the book. You will see Manaphy.

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How to send the Manaphy Egg game to platinum?

Firstly, you must have Pokemon Ranger in one Ds and Pokemon Platinum, Pearl or Diamond in the other Ds. Secondly, Go to the Ranger net on the Ds who has Pokemon Ranger in it, next you will see something that will say “check on Manaphy Egg”, click on that.after, it will say something about sending the ranger message to the Sinnoh Region, click yes.

Where do you find the Manaphy Egg in Pokemon Ranger?

After completing the mission, Check the Egg will replace Enter the Password on the Ranger Net menu. Once you’re ready, put Pokémon Diamond or Pearl in the second DS. Turn it on, and go to the Main Menu (Continue, New Game, etc). In Ranger, tap ‘Check the Egg’, and tap the screen.

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Where can you find Manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

The only way you can see a Manaphy in the game is by going to Route 212, go in the Mansion and read the book on Mr. Backlot’s desk in his room. The room is the first room on your right. KADABRAx – 12 years ago 16 6

Where do you get a lucky egg in Pokemon platinum?

The lucky egg gives the Pokemon holding it extra XP in battle so it’s a very handy item to have when playing through the game. You can get a lucky egg from wild Chanseys on route 210/209. and they will be holding it so either catch Chanseys until you eventually get one or use the move Thief like I did in the video to save catching them.

How to get the Manaphy Egg in Pokemon platinum?

It should show you something about obtaining the Manaphy Egg,click yes.after you do that, the Manaphy Egg will not be on Pokemon Ranger, But if you want to do this again, the you have to restart your Pokemon Ranger file.then go to the pokemart (any pokemart)and you will see a dude in a green suit, talk to him.

How do you get Manaphy in Pokemon Ranger?

This Pokémon is Manaphy, and it can only be obtained by owning Pokémon Ranger. If you press just the right buttons and use a cheat code, you can have your own Manaphy Egg as well. Put your game Pokémon Ranger into your DS system and turn it on. Complete the Continue Missions in Pokémon Ranger.

Where do you get an egg in Pokemon Emerald?

To hatch it, go to any PokeMart (not the department store or Pokémon league) in the Sinnoh region and talk to the man in green. He’ll give you the egg (provided that you have an open spot in your Party).

How to unlock the secret mission in Manaphy?

Now to unlock Manaphy you need to unlock the secret mission. Follow my directions: 1-Press and Hold The are button, then the X button and then left on the control pad. (Has to be in order given in.) 4-go back to the Ranger net and click on “Enter Password” (If you did exactly as I said, then it should be there.

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