Pokemon Diamond and Pearl players can be wonder if it’s feasible to gain the national Pokedex, and also if so, just how to in reality unlock it. We’re right here to prize those questions with a simple guide.

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There space plenty of above Pokemon to battle and catch in Gen IV gamings Diamond and Pearl, and also many the them like the Steel/Psychic-type Beldum and the incredibly rare Munchlax will call for a tiny extra effort for trainers come find.

It’s certainly worth spending the time to encounter them all, though, together doing therefore will help you unlock the nationwide Pokedex, which brings hundreds an ext Pokemon into your Diamond & Pearl Pokedex for a substantial post-game challenge.

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With highly-anticipated Pokemon brilliant Diamond and also Shining Pearl remasters comes to Nintendo switch in so late 2021, here’s exactly how you have the right to unlock the national Pokedex in the Sinnoh region.



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