MapleStory human being Tour Areas

If girlfriend are exhausted of the monotonous everyday life, how around getting out for a change? it’s time for you to walk travelling and learn about a totally new culture.

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Wherever you decide to travel, NPC Spinel will serve you as a traveling overview at a fee.


Shanghai Wai-TanFloating MarketNew leaf City

Singapore exclusive Maps

Location: exclude, map the Modeled after ~ the society and urban setting of Singapore.

Be greeted v familiar structure structures prefer the Esplanade, CK Tangs and also lots an ext await you together you embark on her Singapore trip in There’s also the ever famous Changi Airport, MRT stations and ERP gantries ~ above the Map! So get down come Kerning City to catch a flight to the Singapore Map today!


Malaysia exclusive Maps

Location: to exclude, map the brand-new and trendy Metropolis fused with the classic taste the the Kampung Village.

Travel follow me Muddy banks to defeat angry slimes and also take a break under the cooling coconut trees before continuing your adventure. Don’t forget to visit the Fantasy layout Park and find the end who’s terrorizing that area. To visit Malaysia exclusive Map, drop down to Singapore, boat Quay Town and also enter via the portal.



A people Tour Area v rich culture and history, memorable characters, and a tale that transcends time and also space.


Mushroom Shrine

Location: exclude, map of Japan.Characteristic: A beautiful town through blooming cherry blossoms.

If friend desire to feel the essence of Japan, yes sir nothing choose visiting the Shrine, a Japanese social melting pot. Mushroom Shrine is a mythical ar that offer the incomparable Mushroom God from old times.


Showa Town

Location: to exclude, map of Japan.Characteristic: A city filled v Japanese gangsters.

Further down east of Mushroom Shrine is a walkway filled with gangsters roaming the town of Showa Street. Here, you can find many quests come solve and also there is also one i m sorry requests because that a substantial sum of donation!


Ninja lock

Location: exclude, map of Japan.Characteristic: A castle filled v Ninjas and also maze-like corridors, and also the mystique neighboring the Emperor.


Neo Tokyo

Location: people Tour area, to exclude, map of Japan..Characteristic: A futuristic area filled with robots and progressed machinery, many of them unfriendly.

Neo Tokyo is futuristic area because that characters over level 120, where machines and also robots aggressively attack the humankind. Travel to different time periods to find the cause of the damage and help the vital characters in transforming the future and also the fate the Zipangu.


Shanghai Wai-Tan

Location: exclusive map of China.Characteristic: A well-developed city through farm-themed maps at the outskirts of Shanghai.

China is a country that is experience a rapid readjust towards modernism, and also no city plainly represents that as well as Shanghai. First-time tourists of China might be taken earlier by a slew of modern-day buildings and squeaky-clean streets.

Shanghai is the main area of China. It is a well arisen and modern town special a collection of cities as the backdrop. The adjacent areas of Shanghai town is a farm- themed area through monsters choose Roosters, Sheeps, Ducks, Cows and many more.


Floating Market

Location: exclude, map the Thailand.Characteristic: timeless Floating industry town.

Just like the name, Floating Marketing is a town located on top of the river. This is a town that simultaneously features palm trees and also historical attributes of Thailand.

An exotic town with classic Tuktuks and a floating market, friend can virtually taste the aboriginal flavor the the land of Smiles in every corner. NPCs room located almost everywhere the town and also even on the roof top! various other than the town, execute visit the swamp and deep woodlands where you will able to view monsters favor lizards and giant pythons lurking approximately the greens!


New leaf City

Location: to exclude, map of global MapleStory.

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Characteristic: A young contemporary city v advanced modern technology and plenty of attraction sites.

New leaf City is a new city produced on the secret continent that Masteria, sporting many tourist attractions and modern technology never watched elsewhere. Examine out the brand-new Leaf Mall because that the trendiest fashion, discover the MesoGears under the bigger Ben and also battle the monster in the jungle outskirts of Krakian!