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By doctorsugar_1989 (Sleepking123)
Resident angry 5Unlimited ammo (mini-walkthrough)

by Sleepking123 (doctorsugar_1989) (yahoo) (com)Okay so step by step here's exactly how to get unlimited ammo for any type of weapon.1. Totally max the end all features for a weapon.(capacity, damage, reload speed, and any special favor piercing)2. Go to Bonus Features and scroll under to the cheat then pay v the point out you obtain from your rank and also emblems.THIS IS no YOUR IN video game CASH!!!!! perform NOT offer THE MAXED out GUN!(stronger firearms need higher points, play a short level a lot come amass a most points quickly. One magnum I have maxed with limitless ammo to be 15,000 and also i to be doing the Sahara level in 5-6 min. Getting 1000 every time.)3. Go into special settings and also turn endless ammo on. This food selection is just listed below the bonus functions menu. (Most typical mistake by world is not transforming it on here. This lets the gun usage the ammo.)4. Turn on countless ammo as soon as u begin your game. (this permits for the usage of

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the guns with limitless ammo. No the ammo itself.) (most human being think the just transforming the one on will work, the won't. This is how to effectively turn on the countless ammo.)5. Equip the gun you have actually maxed out, You need to see the ammo it has in her inventory, This is normal, I have a magnum that has zero (0) bullets and still shoots. When you get in game you will watch the instead of an ammo number you have actually an unlimited!!!:The unlimited rocket launcher, gatling gun space the just exceptions i right now know of, There might be more!To gain these you must unlock them, an unlimited ammo magnum will assist you shave off sufficient time indigenous marshlands and other high time level to gain under 5 hrs. Then buy a continuous rocket launcher, and also it has infinite ammo if your settings are correct. The gatling gun comes with boundless only need to change the special setups once.The easy means to build up some rapid cash is take the rocket launcher and go to the level prior to experimental facility. Where you fight lickers for the first time, use the rockets to clear them out in one hit, also where you space suppose to be quite simply shoot once right in ~ the 3 in the enclosed cage and also shoot around 3-5 in the one across type it that most of them come from, climate grab the lion hearts(worth 2,500 each) and continue on. As soon as you begin the elevator an ext will come.I obtain 4 lion hearts every time and also it takes me only a couple of minutes, I additionally grab the ak-47 and also the yellow bars (worth 3000) for a total of 13,400 every play through. For this reason play 4 times and also enjoy the Gatling gun. (good for hunters and also slow enemies not so much Lickers or part bosses. BTW, to death the spider/crab ceo at the end of the level, send a rocket right into his mouth native the very beginning to finish it v one rocket.