Tell City Furniture Company

The phone call City Furniture Company, additionally known together the tell City Chair company, was one of the many successful and also well-known vintage furniture suppliers in the world. Return the agency is no longer operational, the antique and also vintage pieces continue to it is in highly desirable for both antique collectors and homeowners alike.

About tell City Furniture Company

The call City Furniture company was well known for its handcrafted, very detailed and durable chairs. Prefer other an excellent Mid west Furniture Companies, choose Baker Furniture and Sligh Furniture, phone call City came to be well well-known for that is fine products all across the country. The chairs created by this agency were known global and ended up being a traditional of high quality for handcrafted chairs in the industry. The chairs developed by the tell City Furniture company included dining room chairs, rocking chairs and also sitting chairs.

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Of course, in ~ a details point, tell City branched out right into other products, giving tables first, climate buffets and Tell City China Cabinets together well. Eventually, they make beautiful bedroom furniture as well.

Tell City Furniture firm History

The tell City Furniture company, then dubbed the call City Chair company, was started in 1865 in call City, Indiana. This was much less than a decade after the city itself to be founded. The initial name of the company was the Chair equipments Union, which to be not adjusted until 1924. The initial conception of the company was a cooperative union, and also almost every one of these shareholder in the firm were also employees that made chairs.

By 1885, the company had to be successful enough to increase with a organization partnership and improved factories. By 1900, manufacturing capacity was increased because of the addition of new machines and multiple buildings. One of the company’s many popular beforehand offerings for twin seated cane chairs, which were produced in the factory but then taken right into the regional city whereby women weave the cane seats prior to they were went back to the factory.

Over the next few decades, the company expanded exponentially with new factories and increased craftsmanship capacity and also production numbers. The agency eventually increased to encompass other Furniture, such as dining room tables, i m sorry is once they lugged her call City Furniture firm moniker began to be supplied with specific catalog items.

The company’s commodities were so famous that castle were also requested by Jacqueline Kennedy, then the very first lady that the joined States. (She purchased part 425 beautiful cane-seated chairs for the classic ballroom in the White House).

Unfortunately, the agency experienced an obstacle due to decreasing sales and also labor conflicts in the 1990s. The agency eventually closed its factories and also ceased operation totally several year later.

Tell City Furniture firm Products

Today, due to the fact that the company has closed, the only place to acquisition fine call City Furniture commodities is in antique shops, online resale shops, and Ebay and other digital sellers.

The phone call City Furniture agency produced hundreds of various chairs throughout its 125 + years of operation. It’s most well-known pieces consisted of chairs, which variety from simple double cane chairs to much more elaborate sophisticated chairs such as the collection ordered through Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s.

In addition to chairs, the agency produced dining room tables, lingerie and also clothing chests and other accent pieces. These piece are thought about highly beneficial today as result of the truth that not countless of them to be produced compared to the company’s chairs.

Most the the well furniture do by tell City Furniture firm was maple and also cherry. In every honesty, the furniture followed classic fashions, with simple lines and also unpretentious designs. In fact, today, in most vintage tell City Furniture, kind follows function.

That said, phone call City Furniture company made some very fine furniture in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, they used fine mahogany lumber for particular bedroom pieces. Additionally, friend can uncover some lover cherry call City China cabinet out on the sector today as well.


Tips because that Purchasing phone call City Furniture Products

If you room looking to acquisition Tell City Furniture products, you will need to look at secondhand resources. Antique shops and second-hand dealers room your best choices for recognize authentic tell City Furniture–or phone call City Chair Company–pieces. Remember come closely examine all maker’s marks and other defining attributes to ensure that you are obtaining an authentic piece, particularly if you room looking to buy other on the more valuable end of the spectrum.

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Tell City Furniture Value

Tell City Furniture Values have actually remained quite high over current years. Indeed, that is not unusual to view a vintage phone call City China room to sell for roughly $1000-$1500. Likewise, you may find a phone call City chest that drawers because that $400-$600. Finally, a tell City Cherry Dining Table could price $600-$1100, relying on size and also condition.


Tell City Furniture for Sale

Tell City furniture from Tell City Indiana made significant cherry and maple furniture for plenty of years. Friend will uncover some beautiful fine high quality furniture do by this well furniture company on our pages devoted completely to this amazing Furniture brand.

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