Whether you’re going on a road expedition or making a quick stop in ~ the neighborhood center, it’s crucial that your car has a useful spare tires at all times.

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It’s equally necessary that you’re may be to obtain the tire under from under the car when you need it. Part cars come with specialized tools to reduced the preventive tire and also quickly make the change.

However, if the device is have not for part reason, you have the right to still lug down the tire and be earlier on the road in no time. Let’s take it a look at exactly how to obtain a spare tire down without the tool.

Removing a spare tire without the manufacturing facility tool is easy as soon as you follow these steps:

Get under the truck.Pull turn off the guide tube.Pull out the key with pliers.Insert crank into the brand-new hole.Turn the crank counterclockwise to lower the tire.


How to eliminate Spare tire From Ford van Without the Tool

Removing a spare tire without a tool might appear an overwhelming at first. However, with the appropriate equipment and process, it’s no too challenging a task.

There space two methods to lowering a spare tires on a Ford truck. Each an approach uses various tools. As such, your selection will count on the equipment you need to hand.

Method One

This technique involves pulling the end the vital from the spare tires drop assembly and using stock spare tire devices to reduced the tire.

To comprise for the absence of the manufacturing facility key, girlfriend will need some typical tools favor joint pliers, tiny pieces of wood and an optional helping hand.

After you’ve gathered the tools, follow the steps below to eliminate the spare tire.

Step #1: gain Under the Truck

As you currently know, the tire hangs native the truck’s underside toward the vehicle’s rear. Together such, girlfriend will should go under to acquire access.

Before you obtain under the truck, psychic that safety comes first. Therefore, ensure that you park the vehicle properly, ~ above a surface ar that’s as flat as possible, through all brakes engaged. This precautions space to protect against the vehicle from moving while you job-related under it.

Step #2: Locate and Pull turn off the overview Tube

Locate the guide tube under the vehicle. This is a long, black, plastic pipe close to the tire. Twist the tube back and soon while pulling the in the direction that the vehicle’s behind to expose the drop system for the preventive tire.

Step #3: placed a Wedge in between the Tire and the Vehicle

Still under the truck, move to the passenger side and also pull down the tires on this side, putting the timber in the gap between the optimal of the tire and the van bed frame.

At this point, you might need the optional help hand to put in the lumber while you organize the tire down.

The factor for placing in the timber is to provide you easy access to the drop system without having actually to relocate the tires away indigenous the truck bed continually.

Step #4: usage Pliers to Pull off the Key

Put her hand v the an are created by the wood and also feel because that the an essential to the spare tire drop mechanism. The key roughly each other a wheel lug nut, and also when you uncover it, pull it out making use of the jack or functioning pliers.

Sometimes, simply pulling the key may not be enough, and you may need come wriggle the pliers together you pull.

Step #5: lower the tire to the Ground

With the vital out, the hole left behind is virtually identical come the jack crank. Thus you have the right to use the share tire devices to lower and also remove the preventive tire. Insert the jack crank into the hole and also turn counterclockwise to reduced the tire.


Method Two

The second an approach differs significantly from the first. Accordingly, you require a different collection of tools, including:

14mm socket.Hammer.Extender.Socket wrench.Flathead screwdriver.

With the devices above, you can carry down the spare tire by adhering to the measures below.

Step #1: fix the Socket to the Extender

Attach the 14mm socket to the extender. Girlfriend don’t must use a high-quality socket, as any kind of low-end one will certainly do. It’s also best to usage an extender long enough to with from the bumper to the spare tire. Aim because that an extender that’s approximately 60–70cm long.

Step #2: pass the Socket with the earlier Bumper

Insert the socket into the hole located on the left (or right, in some trucks) the the license plate. The feet leads straight to the key.

Step #3: hit the Extender a few Times v the Hammer

Use a hammer come strike the extender when you feeling the socket poignant the key. Hitting the extender pushes the socket over the key, providing a far better grip.

Four to five blows from the hammer have to be enough. Additionally, execute not use too much force to the hammer come prevent damage to the fall assembly. You nothing necessarily have to use a hammer; any object large and tough enough can serve.

Step #4: turn the Socket Counterclockwise to lower the Tire

With the socket firmly in place, usage a wrench to rotate the extender counterclockwise. The drop assembly crucial is comparable to the one supplied on wheel lug nuts. Thus, it will revolve as the socket turns.

It might be hard to turn the wrench at first, but it becomes simpler as you continue turning, and the tire gets closer come the ground.

Step #5: remove the key From the Socket

By the time the tire hits the ground, the key will be loose and you can remove it. Retract the extender indigenous the hole, and use a flathead driver to pry the nut the end of the socket.

Step #6: Detach the tires From the Hoist

While the tires is currently on the ground, you can’t usage it until you detach that from the hoist. To disconnect the tire, reach into the big opening in the center of the wheel. Next, find the metal flange associated to the cable and turn it from a horizontal to a upright position, pulling it the end of the rim vertically.

Finally, the hole left behind by the key can fit a jack crank. Placed the crank with the opening near the patent plate it rotates it gets to the hole vacated through the key. Revolve the crank clockwise to raise the hoist ago up

How to remove Spare tires From Chevrolet truck Without Tool

While Chevys keep spare tires under the van bed like various other trucks, the removal process differs. So, if you’re wondering how to reduced spare tires on Silverado there is no tool, monitor the measures below.

You will need a pair of tools, including an ignition vital and a jack kit to make a chevy spare tires removal tool.

Step #1: situate the preventive Tire accessibility Hole

Like various other trucks, the access hole is on the rear license plate’s appropriate side and also covered through a rectangle-shaped shaped plastic.

Newer models may have actually a lock end the hole together a security measure. In such cases, usage the ignition key to remove the lock assembly extending the hole.

Step #2: rally the expansion Rod

Open the jack kit and also select the rod with the wider end and flanges on every sides. This pole is the “female” rod and the one you’ll insert right into the now open keyhole.

Get an additional rod indigenous the device kit, and attach it to the finish of the female pole to do it long sufficient to with the spare tire from the bumper. Ensure the the push locks enter properly to protect against the rods from disconnecting if you’re transforming it.

Step #3: Insert the Rod right into the Hole

Insert the composite rod right into the spare tire hole. Press and turn the rod at the same time until the finish locks right into the cable crank.

Step #4: turn the rod Anticlockwise through a Wrench

Put a wrench ~ above the other end of the extension rod and also turn counterclockwise. The tires will begin to drop as you turn. Continue turning until the tire touches the ground as soon as you have the right to remove the cable flange native the rim.

Furthermore, you deserve to use the procedure above on different models of Chevrolet trucks. As such, you can follow the measures if you’re wondering how to eliminate spare tires from Chevy suburban.

Final Thoughts

It’s constantly an uncomfortable experience when you acquire a level tire. It’s also worse when you can’t acquire the spare down for lack of the dedicated factory tool.

However, there are other methods to lug down the spare tire also without the tool. These approaches are straightforward and also use typical tools like extenders, flathead screwdrivers, sockets, ignition keys, chunks the wood, pliers and hammers.

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Thus, through or there is no a manufacturing facility tool, girlfriend can gain the preventive tire out in minutes and also be ago on the roadway quickly.