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Hello I just bought a 2004 v6 mustang 3.8l and also I need help on exactly how to do it faster. Ns was thinking of buying a new intake manifold, accelerator body, and also cold wait intake. Will all this rise the power and what else can I execute to it. I likewise would choose to understand if anybody knows of a website to buy fancy hoses and also lines to do my engine look at good.
Gears or a supercharger. Otherwise don"t stroked nerves imo. You deserve to nickel and also dime you yourself $1000+ on mods you "think it might feel a tiny faster" afterwards; or conserve the $ for the huge stuff that makes you speak "damn i feel that!"Or simply sell your car and buy a GT.EDIT: being in smog Nazi CA doesn"t help in the modded V6 area, another vote for a GT

The 2004 is a pretty machine, very own one myself. You can make it quicker if you have the time and also the money to invest there is no worrying around getting that invest back. Yet I agree through the write-up above, that is no going come be quick like a GT uneven you throw much more money at it than you would invest to just upgrade come a GT.CAI will get you no hp gains, however looks and also sounds nice. Windstar input manifold will acquire you some power, yet I doubt you will certainly pass CA smog v it.Just get some pretty wheels, double your exhaust, color the windows, and also you will have actually a quite looking, reliable machine.Oh yeah, add a chin spoiler together well...
2004 40th Anniversary V6, 95,000 miles. Redfire.
Sold the 509hp 2010 with crazy mode oni 9/22~Going to miss out on it~ Check it out at dream mustang .com !I drive Fords, I market MBZ. Walk figure...

Summit sells several engine dress up kits...unfortunately the V6 sector is reasonably anemic with hop increase parts...a turbo is the ultimate means to go
1995 Mustang GT Cnv 427 stroker, w/ 400 shoot of NOS because that fun1996 Cobra through Kenne Bell 2.1 Supercharger dynoed at 12psi: makes 412whp/424wtq top top E85: 300K miles on share engine2003 Infiniti M45 V8 340 hp"What execute you carry out besides journey fast?" "Play golf...."

GET-ITGears Exhaust T-lock intake TunerThrottle body don"t execute anything... A cold waiting intake will net you some minor gains no no hp prefer stated over -_- . Also keep your old intake since most CAI will certainly not happen smog so you will must swap it back for smog. Colored hoses I execute not recognize where to get them however if you uncover them. Additionally colored plug wires and valve covers room nice. BBK has actually some ns think and so walk Morana Racing.

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2001 black Ford Mustang v6 Auto Mods: CAI, SCT 4 financial institution eliminator chip, Performance change Kit, 75 shoot Nitrous, True duals, Ported and polished upper intake manifold, VAP AUTO Manifold SpacerFuture: suspension upgrades, procharger, 4.10s

The throttle body and Cold air intake will net you no actual gains at this stage. The intake would certainly be nice, however as it has actually been entry swap may not pass Cali emissions inspections.If you had actually the time and also money, girlfriend could:1. Swap a 4.2 van block right into your car2. Have actually GSS motorsports...or someone rather reputable, port/polish your heads3. Maybe have a shop deck the the heads a few thousandths for higher compression.4. Use roller rockers for your valvetrain5. Download a CAI6. Install a 8.8" behind diff indigenous a GT, use 4.10 gears if one auto trans, and 3.73 if a hand-operated trans.7. Download a 50-75hp shoot of nitrous8. Have automobile tuned.9. Have quad shocks indigenous a GT mounted to help with any wheel hop problems if present.10. Install a short throw shifter if a hand-operated trans.11. Install a much better stall converter ...2500rpm or so.At this point, your auto would scoot pretty great for a relatively stock v6, and also for the most part, the emissions folks most likely wouldn"t notice. (you would have to remove the nitrous for inspection i imagine) You will still be slower than many GTs through a kind driver, unless you absent the nitrous in. Unfortunately, girlfriend would have actually spent so lot money on this that you would be much much better off having actually traded it in top top a GT. But, If you space super figured out to walk the course of a v6, it have the right to be made faster.