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The Sims 2 and its development packs typically run in full-screen mode. This method that as soon as you play the game, the display fills the entire display, hiding your desktop computer and other windows. If you"d rather not play in full-screen mode, there"s a way to do the game appear within a window rather than over the whole screen. This "windowed mode" alternative leaves your desktop and various other windows visible and also easier come access, and it also keeps your windows taskbar simply a click far so you deserve to switch to other programs or games, see the clock, etc. Enabling it needs tweaking the game"s shortcut. We"ll show you how.

just how to allow Windowed mode in The Sims 2

Follow these actions to obtain The Sims 2 to operation in windowed mode:

Locate the faster way you use to start The Sims 2. It's most likely on your desktop, where it appears by default when the video game is an initial installed.

In the shortcut tab, alongside the Target: field, go to the an extremely end the the command and placed a an are followed through -window (or -w).

Open The Sims 2 to test the new windowed setting shortcut. If the game opens in full-screen again, go back to Step 3 and also make sure there's a room after the normal text, before the dash, yet that there isn't a space between the dash and also the native "window."

This additionally works with lots of other gamings that operation in full-screen mode. If a game doesn't have actually a windowed mode setup available in its graphics options, follow the steps above to check out if it works.

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Switching ago to Full-Screen setting

If you decision you want to pat The Sims 2 in full-screen mode again, repeat the same measures as described above but delete "-window" indigenous the shortcut's command line to revert back to the vault settings.