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I simply bought a remington 770 in 30-06. Ns took personal the bolt come clean it and also when ns reassemble that i might not acquire it come go earlier in to the rifle. I think ns may have assembled that the wrong way becuase the firing pin is sticking out. I tried to take it the bolt apart again however now it appears to it is in stuck. Any assist would it is in great!

Welcome to the forum Nicolaih. Rules are simple, it is in nice and join in.Boy what a problem. I"d examine to see if there"s a certified Remington maintenance center near you and have them take it a look at the rifle. Girlfriend don"t want to damage an investment prefer that. I shoot Remingtons, however the 770 is one I"ve no had any experience with. Perhaps some of our members can aid you the end here.

I think her bolt is the very same as the 700 uses. My first guess is the the firing pin is uncocked. There"s a item on the earlier end the the bolt around an inch lengthy that has two lugs sticking the end of it, former to ago and 1/8" high. Look at the finish of the bolt v the take care of at the 4:30 o"clock position. If this piece with the little lugs is in ~ the 6:00 o"clock, the firing pin is uncocked. To dick it, clamp the little lugs in a smooth jawed vice and lift the bolt take care of to the 1:30 o"clock position. ByeJack

I"d it is in inclined come agree through Jack, I"ve done the something comparable with a version 70 bolt, it is kind of a pain to fix, firing pen springs room strong
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Jack has actually the best answer together I have actually done that a number of times and also the first time ns did it i took it ago to the dealer and I think he had actually a chuckle. Jack would recognize him as he to be a old pistol dealer (Percy).

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I dealt with Percy a bit, yet that was a while back, every right. W.D. Stewart set me up for reloading earlier in 1968. Walk you ever get out to Al Peterson"s in ~ Riverhurst? ByeJack
I never faced Al, however I invested alot the time with W.D. And I have a pair of reloading manuals he offered me. The was genuine close friends v my uncle and my boss Harry Deugua. When Harry passed far I aided a little bit with his collection and if ns remember ideal he had over 10,000 rounds of reloaded centre fire ammunition.He also had the sweetest bag of 88s I ever saw 1 remained in 243 & the other was in 308.Jack an additional old deal was Elmer from Rosemont Hardware or Mic from Frances.It occasionally fun to see if we have the right to remember!
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