the ignition an essential and communicate the parking brakebefore make adjustments. Protect yourhands by using heavy gloves as soon as handlingthe blades.

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Leveling the Deck


Check the tractor’s tire press before

performing any deck leveling adjustments. Refer toTires on web page 25 for information concerning tire pressure.

Front to Rear

The front of the cutting deck is supported by a stabilizer bar that have the right to be readjusted to level the deck indigenous front come rear. The prior of the deck must be between 1/4-inch and also 3/8-inch lower than the rear of the deck. Change if crucial as follows:

Park the tractor parked ~ above a firm, level surface and place the deck lift lever in the height notch.

Rotate the tongue nearest the discharge chute so the it is parallel through the tractor.

Measure the distance from the former of the blade guideline to the ground and the rear of the blade tip to the ground.

The an initial measurement taken need to be in between 1/4" and also 3/8" less than the 2nd measurement.

Determine the almost right distance vital for proper adjustment and proceed, if necessary.

From the prior of the tractor, loosen the hex lock nut on each finish of the deck hanger rod, and turn away from the within hex nuts. See figure 10


Some models have actually an extruded hanger

bracket v a pivot cup, and only one hex nut and also locknut. Change using the same procedure.

Figure 10

Tighten the inner hex nuts front against the prior hanger bracket to raise the front of the deck; ease the hex nuts to reduced the former of the deck. See figure 10.

Retighten the two lock nuts against the within hex nuts when appropriate adjustment is achieved.

Side come Side

If the cut deck shows up to be mowing unevenly, a side to next adjustment deserve to be performed. Change if important as follows:

With the tractor parked ~ above a firm, level surface, place the deck lift bar in the top notch (highest position) and also rotate both chisels so the they room perpendicular through the tractor.

Measure the street from the outside of the left blade tip to the ground and also the street from the external of the right blade guideline to the ground. Both dimensions taken should be equal. If they’re not, proceed to the next step.

Loosen, yet do no remove, the hex bolt top top the left deck hanger bracket. See figure 11.

Figure 11

Raise and also lower the left next of the deck by utilizing a wrench to turn the convey gear. See figure 11.

The deck is correctly leveled when both tongue tip dimensions taken previously are equal.

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Retighten the hex bolt ~ above the left deck hanger parentheses when appropriate adjustment is achieved.