One the the plenty of benefits consisted of in the john Deere 1 series is the straightforward AutoConnectTMfeature built into the mower deck systems. Unequal many competitor models, there is no need to have your tool box handy once removing and reattaching your man Deere mower deck. Obtaining the equipment to connect with her sub-compact tractor have the right to be done from your seat because that the many part, v some young setup done from the ground. The step-by-step instructions because that this easy-to- hook-up tractor series are together follows.

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Putting The Mower On

Whenever do these species of adjustments to her equipment, it’s finest to job-related on a level surface. Obtaining all your connecting aspects to engage deserve to go awry when fighting versus unlevel surfaces, sending you directly to your computer system in a hurry to search forJohn Deere auto connect deck problems. Starting on a hard, level surface prefer a garage or driveway have the right to save you headaches.Place her deck in your working area and then bring your tractor around. Rotate your height-of-cut noble so that the arrowhead is pointing to install. Dual check that you are in the 4WD setting.Before driving over the deck, make sure the linkage arms on the deck room in your lowest position. If the deck is just coming out of storage, girlfriend may have to apply pressure ~ above the arms to gain them to move all the way down.Next, inspect your deck. An alert that top top the left-hand side is an elevated environment-friendly bar the is supposed to aid guide her wheels right into place. Hop back on your tractor and drive ideal over the deck, keeping an eye ~ above that green bar.The behind bracket should instantly engage through your mower deck yet in the occasion that it does not totally engage, dismount the tractor closely and try giving the deck a tiny wiggle to manually aid click it right into place.Lock the gauge wheels into place and also get prepared to mow.

Removing The Mower Deck

Once again, you’ll desire to start occupational on a level surface ar to make certain all the connecting aspects are fine aligned. The very first several actions are excellent from the ground.Turn the height-of-cut adjustment noble so the the arrow is put in the install position. This can be excellent from the seat or standing next to the tractor.From the ground, release the gauge wheels. As soon as they’re released, the deck deserve to be lowered to the ground using whichever mechanism your 1 collection is fitted with, such as a bar or button.From the ground, flip down the behind bracket situated in the back of the deck. This step have the right to be excellent on either the left or appropriate side that the tractor as one side always engages and also disengages the other.Return to the operator station, turn on the tractor and also make certain you space in the 4WD setup and location the tractor in short range. Start backing up and off that the mower deck, making use of that raised environment-friendly bar ~ above the left-hand side of the deck as a guideInspect, clean and stow away your mower deck.

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You’ll discover that in practice, these six steps for both the removing and reattaching process typically take simply a handful of minutes, enabling you to relocate onto your following task pretty quickly. It’s likewise important come note here that decks in the 1 series are draft to be attached through driving front only and removed by backing turn off of the equipment. This can not be excellent in the contrary direction as the connecting parts can only communicate in the designated control position.Have inquiries or need aid troubleshooting? give our skilled consultants a scream atyour neighborhood Ag-Pro dealership—we’re always just a contact away. Now that you’re up to speed on just how to obtain your john Deere mower deck attached and also removed from her 1 collection tractor, feel cost-free to check out few of our other turf-related blogs featuring advice to helpkeep her turf feather green and healthy and information on exactly how mulching deserve to improve her lawn.