Have you noticed a consistent drop in the pressure of the water from the shower head you are using? Probably yes. This drop-in pressure should not be as a result of water rationing or dry taps.

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The drop in pressure is occasioned by the clogging of the restrictor. Restrictors are mostly placed by manufacturers to minimize water loss or even as a way of conserving water.

To do away with this problem, you will need to remove the flow restrictor by opening the showerhead. Removing the restrictor will solve the problem of pressure, but will cause another problem of non-conservation of water.

Replacement is, therefore, a good option. Care must be taken when opening the showerhead as it contains highly delicate parts. To find out more about how to remove the flow restrictor, go through the article.

So how do you remove flow restrictor from the Moen handheld showerhead?

There are a few steps to follow when removing the flow restrictor. They have not complicated steps, but hey demand a lot of care. If you damage the parts, you may be forced to replace the entire showerhead. The steps are as explained below:


By use of a soft cloth, tighten the jaws of the wrench over the cloth as well as the connector. Then turn the showerhead connector together with the wrench in an anti-clockwise direction Disconnect the showerhead from the shower pipe and take it off.Insert a screwdriver to the center of the flow restrictor. This is in preparation for the extraction of the restrictor. The flat side of the screwdriver is well equipped for this task.Take off the restrictor from the showerhead by use of the neck of the screwdriver. Exercise a lot of care so as it is easy to damage other things in the showerhead. The most delicate being the thread. It may cause you to replace the entire showerhead should you damage other components in the head.Put back the screen into the showerhead, then O-ring in that order. Ensure that the O-ring is tightly held to the screen then wrap the tape around the shower arm. It helps in preventing damages. Return the showerhead to the shower tap and turn it run in clockwise direction until it becomes tight. Turn it till it becomes firm such that you can no longer turn it around with your arm.Make the connection tight by the use of the adjustable wrench. You must first lay a cloth beneath it to avoid damaging the delicate parts.

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How do we do a Moen flow restrictor replacement?

The last 6 points dealt about removing the restrictor. It is always advisable that you do not operate your shower taps without a restrictor.

This is because the restrictor is so useful in water conservation. Therefore to do the replacement, you will follow the above-laid procedure, but before placing back the O-ring and the screen:

You will need a new restrictor ready to replace the worn-out one.Do the actual replacement by putting the new restrictor in the place of the old one.

What are the benefits of doing a Moen flow restrictor replacement?

So many benefits accrue from using a flow restrictor. More benefits are also found in replacing the worn-out one for a new one. They include:

It helps a great deal in conserving and saving water. This leads to reduced wastages and minimized water bills.It gives you the choice of how you would wish to use your water.

Can a Moen shower head increase water pressure by doing the replacement?

The main purpose of the flow restrictor is to ensure that water comes out from the showerhead with enhanced pressure. This, therefore, implies that with new restrictor, water comes out with high pressure. Over time due to clogging and other factors, the flow restrictor clogs and greatly hampers the discharge of water from the showerhead. This then necessitates the need for a replacement. At this point then is when you will notice that water jets out with a high amount of pressure.


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How often should you do the Moen flow restrictor replacement?

Many factors will determine the length of time needed before a replacement is done. Such factors are:

The nature of water in your area. Salty water easily clogs the showerhead, damaging the restrictor. It needs a shorter replacement period.The frequency of use of the showerhead. The more you use it, the higher the chances that it will clog faster. This will necessitate a shorter replacement period.


The flow restrictor is one of the most important components of the shower system. It helps in water conservation and water-saving. It is recommended that you replace your flow restrictor at any time that it clogs.

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Replacement is a delicate process and has steps to follow as indicated above. Please adhere to them carefully to avoid damaging your water system.