I installed a scripts package to be able to run a Java regimen in Atom editor. But I"m still not able to run it. Getting the complying with error message:

"bash" is not known as an internal or outside command, operable routine or batch file

What could be missing here?

I am utilizing Windows 7. The very same editor and also same package operation on Ubuntu without any issues.

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Once Atom installation completes, it launches.From parcel Menu, Navigate to "Settings View". Click on the sub menu item "Install Packages/ Themes".Type "script" in the search message box, hit Enter.Look for a package called "script" (run code in Atom) in the search an outcome and click install button in the result pane.Once the parcel is installed, create a Java record and click Ctrl+Shift+B to run it.P.S -

GitHub desktop is a mandatory prerequisite for home windows environment.Both of the installers room over 100 MB in size, therefore it deserve to take some time.


Main reason for this problem is script package is NOT constructed for cross-platform. "bash" won"t it is in recognised top top Windows. However we have following workarounds to make it work.

It functions with following modifications:

Ensure Java route is appended to path variable in setting variables.Set the git bash path in environment variables.

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Now, able to run Java native atom editor. :)

As argued in other forums, Cygwin might be other better alternative to get bash.



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'cmd' is not known as an inner or external command, operable regime or batch file. Atom editor
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