One the the many convenient features of Google Slides is its ability to automatically save the presentation in the cloud server enabling you accessibility to your presentation anytime from anywhere. But, there room times as soon as you desire to likewise save your Google Slides presentation come a USB flash Drive! So, just how does one do that?

In stimulate to conserve your Google Slides presentation to your USB speed drive, first, insert the flash journey in the USB slot. Then, on your Google Slides presentation, click File, Download, and choose your preferred document format. Once the document is downloaded, deliver it to your USB speed drive.

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That’s just a quick explanation the the process. However, if you desire a complete step by action explanation on just how to conserve the Google Slides top top a USB speed drive, keep reading!

How to save Google Slides come a USB flash Drive? (Step by action Process)

A presentation that is edited or produced in Google Slides is saved straight in the Google journey cloud server. Because it is always available online, it have the right to feel challenging at very first to know how to placed it come a USB flash drive.

The key to moving your Google Slides presentation to a USB flash drive is to know exactly how to very first download it to your computer.

Saving the Google Slides document on your computer system is in reality quite simple process. You have the right to save your paper in lot of formats. Here’s a perform of document formats in which girlfriend can currently download her Google Slides presentation –

JPEG photo (.jpeg)ODP document (.odp)PDF file (.pdf)Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)Plain text (.txt)PNG image (.png)Scalable Vector graphic (.svg)

How to Download Google Slides to her Computer?

As mentioned above, the procedure of downloading and install a Google Slides presentation is quite simple. Nevertheless, if you space doing this because that the first time, you may need part help.

You can easily follow the procedures mentioned below and also download your Google Slides presentation.

Step 1 – Open and Download her Google Slides Presentation

First, simply open the Google Slides presentation the you wish to download.

Then, as suggested in the image, an initial click top top “File“. A dropdown menu will appear.

Click top top “Download” indigenous the dropdown menu. A side menu will pop-up. Choose the format type of the paper that you great to download. I would certainly recommend using either a “.pptxor.pdf” document type.

Step 2 – pick the Folder in whereby you wish to Download the File

If you are using a Chrome browser, the presentation will gain downloaded by default in the “Downloads” folder of her computer.

You deserve to then open up the download folder, and move it come any details location on your computer.

That’s the hard part for many people.

How to conserve Google Slides come a USB flash Drive?

Once you have actually downloaded the Google Slides file to your computer, the remainder is easy. Ns am walking to guide you action by step around how you can transfer the Google Slide paper from your computer to her USB flash drive in Microsoft Windows, macOS, and also Ubuntu operation systems.

Saving come USB flash journey on Windows

Once you have downloaded the Google Slides presentation, over there are couple of different methods in i beg your pardon you can move it to your USB flash drive.

Method 1 – traction & Drop

Step 1: Connect the USB flash drive to your computer’s USB port.

Step 2: Find the saved Google Slides record on her computer.

Step 3: Open document Explorer and double click top top the USB speed drive the you connected.

Step 4: Now traction the Google Slides paper using the mouse courser to the USB flash journey folder that was opened up in the paper Explorer and also drop the paper here.

Step 5: Wait for the record to finish the transport from your computer system to your USB drive.

Method 2 – Copy & Paste

Step 1: First, attach the USB flash drive to her computer’s USB port.

Step 2: Find and select the Google Slides file on her computer.

Step 3: Under the “Home” tab positioned at the top left edge of the record Explorer click “Copy to”.

Step 4: Click on “Choose location” from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Now find the USB speed drive and click top top “Copy” to move your file.


Step 6: Wait for the transfer to finish.

Method 3 – open the Presentation and use “Save As”

Step 1: As always, first connect the USB flash drive.

Step 2: Find the Google Slide document and double click to open it.

Step 3: After opened the file, click “Files> save As” in the application.


Step 4: Browse the file explorer andselect the USB flash drive to conserve the file.

Step 5: Wait for the file transfer bar to with 100%.

Note: “Save as” an approach can only be used when the Google Slide paper is opened up in one application. Make sure your computer system has the right software set up to open the file.

How to Download Google Slides straight to USB speed Drive?

You can additionally download Google Slides Files straight to a USB flash drive. You can do that in 2 ways. The very first one is to change the download route in the Chrome web browser settings.

To execute that, first, attach the USB flash journey to your computer. Then open the Chrome browser and also go come settings. Indigenous there walk to the “Advanced” tab. There, select “Downloads” native the dropdown menu. Girlfriend will find the download place option there. Rotate on “Ask whereby to save each document before downloading” and also save settings. Currently if you download the file, it will ask wherein to it is in saved. Girlfriend can select the USB flash device folder here.

The next technique is to usage a third-party downloader. Google Slides records are instantly saved to Google drive cloud. Walk to Google Drive and also locate the file to download. Connect the USB speed device. Currently right-click ~ above the file and pick “Download”. A pop-up window will open up where friend can select the download location. Choose the USB flash device location and also start the download. The record will be downloaded to the flash drive.

Caveat to downloading and install Google Slides directly to a USB flash Drive

A USB flash journey is an external maker that friend can attach to your computer and other devices. That is susceptible to damage easily. Once you download a file directly to USB, if the an equipment gets unplugged in the midway that the transfer, the file will it is in corrupted and also you will certainly not be able to open it. You will need to download the file again. This is stroked nerves if the record is very large.

That’s why straight downloading come USB gadgets is not recommended.

Should you Play a Presentation directly from a USB speed Drive?

USB flash gadgets are plug and play devices. To play a presentation directly from USB, plug the to her computer’s USB port and click on the file to open it. Make sure you have actually the ideal software mounted to open up the file.

JPEG and also PNG file formats are suitable for play presentation slides with monitor or TV USB ports as many of the TVs and also monitors support these document formats. Girlfriend can also use a portable USB Media Player to operation your PowerPoint slides top top the TV or monitor.

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However, although many USB speed drives sell the plug and play feature, I would recommend friend to shot and download the presentation from her USB drive to your computer. That way, even if the flash drive were to obtain disconnected, her presentation will still be open.

Furthermore, if you space operating a hefty presentation file (upwards that 50 MB), opened it directly on a flash Drive will make it slower for you to operate the presentation file.

Why have to You Download Google Slides come a USB speed Drive?

Google Slides is a web-based application that is commonly used because that making presentation slides for occupational or school and also saves the file in the cloud servers. It grants you easy access to her files any type of time anywhere, every you need is an net connection.

However, sometimes to deliver the files from one maker to another, you have to download your files to a USB flash drive. Or, if you have to work on some slides however there is no net connection, you can transfer them to a USB drive and edit them while you room offline (although Google now gives an choice to work and edit Google Slides presentation offline together well.)


By now, you’ve learned all the things that you have to know around how to save Google Slides ~ above a USB speed drive. Say thanks to you for having the patience come go through the entire article. Expect this was of some assist to you to find what friend seek. Have actually a good day!