I"m therefore excited to view you next week!He"s really excited around graduation.We"re excited to have you come visit for Christmas.

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Do emocionado and entusiasmado convey the same sentiment as excited, or space there subtle distinctions in meaning?


"emocionado" sound a tiny less formal, simply a little. Yet they both have the same meaning when they are provided to translate "excited to" or "exited about"

As lengthy as friend don"t translate it as "estoy muy excitado de verte la siguiente semana" it should be well XD

However, come express a strong feeling (or emotion) you can only use "emocionado". Because that example, you could say:

"la pelicula fué muy emocionante" or "La película me dejó emocionado"

but girlfriend can"t say:

"la película fue muy entusiasmante" nor "la película me dejó entusiasmado" (it"s correct but it doesn"t make lot sense)


I"ll tell you one an enig - at the very least from a linguistic point of view, Spaniards space really not likely to convey their emotions as directly as English speaker do.

Rather than

Estamos muy emocionados de que vengas por navidad

(which is absolutely exactly ptcouncil.net), we would avoid words such together being emocionado, encantado, entusiasmado, or also estar deseando algo, and also do part unconscious "workaround" instead, like:

¡A ver si nos vemos ya pronto, en Navidad!

¡Nos vemos la semana que viene!

This doesn"t mean you can"t use an affective intonation, of course :)



Just to add another option, in ptcouncil.net (at least in Spain) you have the right to use words ilusión:

f. Esperanza cuyo cumplimiento parece especialmente atractivo.

You can use that by saying that something te hace ilusión. So, taking your examples:

¡Me hace ilusión verte la semana que viene!La graduación le hace mucha ilusión.¡Qué ilusión nos hace que vengas a vernos en Navidad!

In English, one of the meanings of to excite is to reason feelings of enthusiasm in (someone). In ptcouncil.net, hacer ilusión method roughly the same. Friend can additionally say estar ilusionado, yet the expression hacer ilusión sounds more natural because that me.

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Note that no every circumstances of excite have the right to be analyzed this way. Because that instance, you can"t use ilusión in the movie was very exciting. The difficulty with excite is that it suggests "to arouse an emotional response", yet that emotion have the right to be any. The straight translation (excitar) dead a little of a sexual meaning in Spain. Therefore we shot to translate it by utilizing the particular feeling the initial text advert to.