Below I will share the most popular phrases that civilization say to each other solely right before going to bed.

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Of course, an initial of all, you should understand how close you space to the person to whom you are addressing. You most likely won’t be talking to strangers on your way to her bedroom. But just for your information, in Russian, in together cases, they say “до свидания” (“goodbye”) or “увидимся завтра” (“see girlfriend tomorrow”).


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Formal means Of speak “Goodnight”

Спокойной ночи

The only exception is the most commonly used “спокойной ночи” . The is a neutral phrase definition “have a peaceful/quiet night.” That way that it deserve to be addressed to everyone.

Similarly, over there is an additional expression “спи спокойно with a comparable translation. However, please, never say it come someone who is going come bed. That is supplied not just for wishing goodnight but also for funerals.

Доброй ночи

“Доброй ночи” is a an ext formal and polite form. Equates as “have a great night.”

Thus, you deserve to say “доброй ночи” come both – your household members and your mother’s friend who have come to your city on business and also are staying at her home.

Хорошего отдыха

The expression “хорошего отдыха” has a comparable meaning. However, there are a few differences. The first – in its literal translation, i beg your pardon is “have a an excellent rest.” Secondly, this is usually not provided by itself, however only in enhancement to “спокойной ночи.” Otherwise, it transforms out a type of an understatement.

Despite their translation, “доброй ночи” and “спокойной ночи” are small different from the meaning of “have a an excellent night.” that is, it would certainly be wrong to say them as soon as you leaving in the middle of a party. In ~ the exact same time, “хорошего отдыха” works fine since it is feasible “отдыхать” (to rest) not only throughout sleep but likewise actively. So, it is far better to use it or great “приятного вечера” (“have a nice evening”) or “отлично посидеть” .


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Informal ways Of saying “Goodnight”

The following couple of expressions are completely informal. Interestingly, they room all about sleep, not about the night. I would certainly recommend using them only when communicating with world you room close to. This particular day it is a one of civilization you are comfortable v within less than 6 feet. I am kidding, of course. Nonetheless, this softer phrases are perfect because that wishing goodnight your children or your significant other a good night.

Сладких снов

Not the many comfortable to pronounce “сладких снов” equates as “sweet dreams.” keep in mind that there is one more phrase, “спи сладко.” uneven “спи спокойно,” you deserve to pronounce the without are afraid of gift misunderstood.

Приятных снов

“Приятных снов” is likewise a common variant the literally converts to “have satisfied dreams.”But its definition is similar to the ahead one – “sweet dreams.”

Крепких снов

In addition to the above, i will add “крепких снов” through the meaning of “have strong dreams.” Sure, this is not the mildest way to wish goodnight. Still, sound sleep is pleasant enough.


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Colloquial ways Of saying “Goodnight”


To say goodnight colloquially from “спокойной ночи” take it the very first word, reduced off its fifty percent – “спок,” and add the letter “и.” This way, you get “споки” . No, the doesn’t typical “spooky,” although it sounds similar.


In fact, slang is trendy among teenagers. So in adolescence, we offered to say “споки-ноки” . That is, we simply rhymed the word “ночь” v “споки.”

It is impossible not to cite the Russian kids’ evening TV show “Спокойной Ночи, Малыши!” (“Good Night, tiny Ones!”) famous for over fifty years. Due to the fact that the mid-1960s, all youngsters have been waiting with certain pleasure for your puppet heroes. Therefore, she had actually a tremendous affect on the worldview the two whole generations that Russians.

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So currently you know how to say an excellent night. To find out exactly how to to speak hello in the morning, follow this link.