Ever wondered exactly how to to speak ‘handsome’ in Korean? like in English, oriental uses a different word as soon as calling males handsome than once calling ladies pretty. This article will be looking at the word used to call a man handsome or good-looking.

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After finding out this word, feel free to exercise it on any good-looking males that you see. They’ll gain the compliment!

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‘Handsome’ in Korean


He is Handsome

If you desire to say ‘handsome’ together in “You room handsome” or “He is handsome” then you must use words 잘생겼다 (jal saeng-gyeott-da).

If you room saying the word to yourself (Koreans regularly talk aloud come themselves) then you can use this form. However, if you space saying it to someone else, then the word demands to be adjusted based on who you space saying the to.


Formal ‘Handsome’ in Korean

1. 잘 생겼습니다 (jal saeng-gyeoss-seub-ni-da)

You might hear this indigenous in presentations, interviews, or other formal situations.


그 배우가 잘생겼습니다.

That gibbs is handsome.


Standard ‘Handsome’ in Korean

1. 잘생겼어요 (jal saeng-gyeoss-eo-yo)

You can use this expression as soon as talking to world who room older or not an especially close to you.


당신은 아주 잘생겼어요

*You must replace words 당신 through the person’s name / relation to friend (e.g. 아저씨 / 오빠)


Informal ‘Handsome’ in Korean

1. 잘생겼어 (jal saeng-gyeoss-eo)

You can use this expression with human being who are very close to you, such as with your friend or date.


너는 아주 잘생겼어

You space a really handsome man.


Bonus: The Handsome Man

If you want to speak ‘handsome’ as in “the handsome man” climate you have to use words 잘생긴 (jal saeng-gin).

For example:

잘생긴 남자 (jal saeng-gin nam-ja) – handsome man

잘생긴 배우 (jal saen-gin bae-u) – handsome actor

잘생긴 가수 (jal saeng-gin ga-su) – handsome singer

Example (standard politeness level):

그녀는 아주 잘생긴 남자와 함께 왔어요

She arrived through a really good-looking man


A word of caution around Romanization

We’ve included in the Romanization for all of these words to assist with pronunciation. However, us recommend the you try to relocate onto reading comfortably in Hangul (the korean alphabet), as this will enhance your pronunciation and your analysis skills. It will also assist you notification patterns in words, which will certainly lead you to boost the price at which you learn new Korean words and also grammar points.

Learning vocabulary native is a good way to aid you learn the basics that a language. However, her language finding out will only really take off one you begin attempting to have conversations in Korean. Take it a look at our complimentary list that Korean phrases or our full oriental course for all the help you will require when researching Korean.


Bonus: alternate Words for ‘Handsome’

Another word the is regularly used because that handsome is 멋진 (meot-jin) for instance 멋진 얼굴 (meot-jin eol-gul) – handsome face.

There are several various other less typically used words because that handsome, together as매력적이다 (mae-ryeok-jeok-i-da), the you will come across as your Korean skills progress.


Standard politeness

그는 제가 만나 본 가장 멋진 남자예요

He is the most handsome man I’ve ever met.

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그는 내가 만나 본 가장 멋진 남자야

He is the many handsome guy I’ve ever before met.


Now the you know just how to speak ‘handsome’ in Korean, acquire out there and also pay compliments to the good-looking males that you operation into!