These 15 Albanian Words will instantly do you know the local society better, and also no issue if you’re relocating or traveling to Albania as a foreigner, this words in Albanian will certain come in handy.

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The younger generation normally speaks English, however not anyone is fluent, so it’s always a an excellent idea to learn some an easy Albanian phrases. This will certainly make your pilgrimage to Albania an ext enjoyable, and also you’ll surely be met with smiles and also gratitude because that trying come speak Albanian.

Further under in this post you can likewise see a perform of straightforward Albanian words for everyday use. Yet first, let’s find out some essential words in Albanian that room used commonly or have no equivalence in English.


Mirë is the Albanian word because that good, and it’s an extremely useful. Mine favorite method of utilizing it is by saying O sa Mirë, which way something prefer “Oh, exactly how cool” or “so good”. You need to say with enthusiasm to enhance the expression.


Bre doesn’t really have a definition on its very own in the Albanian language, but it’s just as a sentence enhancer, and also you’ll hear the a lot. For example, you could say Qka po bon bre? which deserve to be translated as “What space you doing” or “What’s up?”.


Of all the words in Albanian that a foreigner need to learn, ns really introduce this one since Albanian food is delicious, and also Shijshme means delicious. It is pronounced favor “shee-SHMEH” and to say that something is very delicious you deserve to say Ishte e shijshme.


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This basically method cute, and you deserve to use it to say “how cute”. It is pronounced prefer Le-zeeeehhh-tshëm. Probably not the simplest word in Albanian for a foreigner to pronounce, but it will certainly impress the locals if you’re successful.


Kismet is more of a locally used native which means “Fate” or “destiny” and Albanians usage it to dodge uncomfortable inquiries that lock don’t have a good answer to or fairly don’t want to answer.

As a tourist, you can not use this Albanian word, yet it’s still great to know!


This is the Albanian word because that beauty, and also if you want to phone call a girl/woman that she is beautiful, you could say Ti Je Bukur.


The literal meaning translation would certainly be heart, and Zemër deserve to be provided to refer to someone the you’re in love with or a dear household member. Friend can likewise say Zemra Ime, which basically method my sweetheart in Albanian.


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This is the Albanian word for calling who stupid or one idiot. It can be miscellaneous you would say to a stranger due to the fact that it would be quite offensive, yet you can use it to joke approximately with friends.

With the said, you’ll hear native Albanians calling others a “budall” once in a while, so now you’ll recognize what it means.


You will probably hear someone say Shqiperia (meaning Albania) or Sqhiptar and also Sqhip, i beg your pardon basically means Albanian.


Falemenderit is the Albanian word for give thanks to you, and also it will certainly be appreciated if tourists use it instead of simply saying say thanks to you in English. Girlfriend can also say Faleminderit Shüme, which method thank you really much.


If you’ll be drinking v some friends indigenous Albania, you need to say Gëzuar rather of cheers, which is the identical word in Albanian.


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Spital means Hospital, and also although i hope that you don’t need to visit a hospital throughout your visit, it’s an excellent to know exactly how to to speak it. And also Farmaci is the Albanian word for Pharmacy in situation you need any medicine.


If you desire to wish someone good day or greet a stranger, you have the right to say Mirëdita. It’s always appreciated as soon as foreigners make an effort to speak some Albanian words, even though lock are straightforward like this one.

If you want to greet someone and say hello in Albanian you can additionally say Përshëndetje! or Tungjatjeta.


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Basic Albanian Words

Now the you have actually learned some an ext advanced Albanian words, it’s time to get earlier to the basics. These simple words in Albanian have the right to be used almost every job by tourists and also expats.

Thank youFaleminderit
You’re welcomeJu lutem
Uglyi shëmtuar
Easyi lehtë
Difficulti vështirë

Translate Albanian words into English

Translating basic words in Albanian is normally doable v Google Translate, which can be download to her phone to usage offline.

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However, it’s no recommended to translate longer sentences since it’ll likely not rotate out correct.