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How come say help me in Japanese: Tasukete Kudasai

Learning Japanese for travel or study? Let’s shot this term:

To say help me in Japanese: Tasukete KudasaiSay it out loud: “Tah Soo Keh Teh Koo Dah Sai

You can learn how to say help me and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use Japanese language cheat sheets. Us can help you make your next trip to an additional country even much more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some much more helpful words in our Japanese Urgency category:

enough / avoid – Juubun Desu / Yamete Kudasai (Jew Bunn Dess / Yah Meh Teh Koo Dah Sai)go far – Acchi He i Ke (Ah Cchi Eh Ee Keh)help me – Tasukete Kudasai (Tah Soo Keh Teh Koo Dah Sai)I don"t recognize – Wakarimasen (Wah Kah Ree Mah Senn)

And here’s just how to say assist me in other languages!

Arabic–Sa"dony (sah carry out ny)Chinese–Qǐng Bāng Bāng Wǒ (Ching Bang Bang Wo)Croatian–upomoć! (oo poh moach!)Czech–pomozte mi (poe MOEZ tah may)Finnish–auttakaa (owt tah kaah)French–Aidez-moi (ee dee mwah)German–können sie mir helfen (cone in zee meer helf in)Italian–aiuta mi (eye oota mee)Japanese–Tasukete Kudasai (Tah Soo Keh Teh Koo Dah Sai)Korean–Dowajuseyo. (Do Wa Joo Se Yo.)Polish–Pomóż mi (Po moosh" me)Portuguese–Adjude-Me (ah zhoo jee mee)Russian–pomogite mne (pah mah gee tye mnye)Spanish–ayúdame (eye yoo" duh may)Swahili–nisaidie (nee saī dee eh)Thai–Chuai Duai (CHOO-ai DOO-ai)Turkish–imdat! (eem dot!)Vietnamese–Giúp Tôi (Yup Toy)

when the end of your normal residence you might encounter some troubles that you might not have the ability to solve. Here you have the right to use the expression ""help me" (Tasukete Kudasai)" to ask for assistance, for instance you may say "could you you re welcome "help me" (Tasukete Kudasai) uncover my hotel? i seem to have forgotten the course back." gain instant access to the Japanese Language Set.

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