Saying ‘I love you’ deserve to be both scary and also exciting and even much more so in a new language!There are different ways come say ‘I love you’ depending on the situation. Make sure you usage the right one. If you want to know exactly how to to speak ‘I love you’ and other romantic unit volume in Hungarian, then read on.

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How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Hungarian

To tell someone that you love castle in Hungarian, say:EnglishHungarianPronunciationI love youSzeretlekSeh-ret-lek
If you’re speaking to multiple world at once, such together a friendship team or family, say:EnglishHungarianPronunciationI love girlfriend (all)Szeretlek titeketSeh-ret-lek tee-teh-ket 
Check the end the below video to hear the joint of ‘I love you’ in Hungarian:

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Romantic phrases in Hungarian

Try these various other romantic phrases also including exactly how to say ‘I miss out on you’ in Hungarian.EnglishHungarianPronunciationYou space so cuteAnnyira aranyos vagyOn-yeer-a aran-yosh vadgeYou room so beautifulOlyan szép vagyO-yan sep vadgeI’ve acquired a to like on youTeljesen beléd vagyok esveTey-esh-en bel-eed va-yok esh-veMy loveSzerelmemSeh-rel-memMy heartSzivemSee-vemMy lifeÉletemEe-let-emMy sweetheart, my darlingÉdesemEe-de-shemI love you so muchAnnyira szeretlekOn-yeer-a seh-ret-lekI love you really muchÉn nagyon szeretlek In nayon seh-ret-lekI love you tooÉn is szeretlekIn ees seh-ret-lekI miss out on youHiányzolHee-ain-zol
Check out the below video to hear the together of few of these phrases, it also includes some added phrases:
These phrases should come in comfortable whether you’ve got a love interest from Hungary or even if it is you’re simply visiting and also want to it is in prepared. 

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