Italian is well-known as among the most romantic language in the word, for this reason it need to come as no surprise that few of the first words human being wish to discover are often linked to romance!

We currently covered words amore (love) and the expression ti amo (I love you) in ahead articles, so today we’re going to talk around the word for kiss, which is bacio (plural: baci) in Italian.

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IPA: /ˈba.tʃo/

Il primo bacio non si scorda mai.

You never forget your very first kiss.

The word for a big kiss in Italian is bacione conversely, a small kiss is a bacino.

Un bacio virtuale – A virtual kiss

There are plenty of different varieties of kisses you can talk around including:

bacio alla francese = French kissbacio della buonanotte = goodnight kissun bacio sulle labbra = a kiss ~ above the lipsun bacio rubato = a stolen kissun bacio a stampo = a (quick and also firm) kiss top top the lipsun baciamano = a kiss on the handun bacio eschimese = one Eskimo kissun bacio a farfalla = a butterfly kiss

If you want to change bacio right into a verb, you deserve to either speak dare un bacio (give a kiss) or baciare (to kiss).

Gli sposi si sono baciati durante la ceremonia.

The married couple kissed during the ceremony.

Other verb that can be used with bacio include:

riempire (qualcuno) di baci = come cover (someone) in kissesmangiare (qualcuno) di baci = to eat who up (with kisses)mandare un bacio = to punch a kiss

A really common method of signing off casual email, text post or letter in Italian is to put un bacio (a kiss) or baci (kisses) in ~ the end. It is used in between lovers, friends and also family members and also may also be attach by un abbraccio (a hug) or abbracci (hugs).

Ciao Paola. No vedo l’ora di vederti la prossima settimana. Baci!

Hi Paula. I can’t wait to watch you following week. Kisses!

If you hear someone say al bacio, castle aren’t referring to kisses yet rather the state of something being top-notch, perfect or excellent.

Il gelato di questa gelateria è al bacio.

The gelateria’s ice cream is top-notch.

Sweets through the surname “bacio”

The bacio di dama (or simply bacio for short) is a special form of biscuit produced in the Piemonte region of Italy. Made of two melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut cookies sandwiched together with dark chocolate, castle are claimed to resemble the lips that a lady.

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Baci di dama

Another famous sweet is the Baci Perugina. The Italian variation of chocolate kisses, they room filled a whole hazelnut, hazelnut grains and also cocoa. Each cacao is accompanied by a multilingual love note.