One of the most confusing words because that me in polish is the shortest. The polish word for ‘Yes’ is ‘tak’. The polish word for ‘No’ is ‘nie’. Ok, that is easy. However, more common than ‘yes’ or ‘tak’, i hear, words ‘Yeah’, i m sorry in polishing is express or said ‘no’. If I would ask a girl to the movies and she claims ‘no’ in polish this way ‘yes’, or ‘yeah sure’.

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American guy asking a polishing girl the end on a date, however there is a little bit of confusion.

To add to the confusion I speak Polish, at a reasonable level. Most of mine conversations are a mix the Polish and English. So ns get perplexed often once I listen ‘no’ since there is a small context for a one-word answer.

The girl is confused since the polishing word because that yes is no. And she was expecting a date.

Lucky the accent for ‘no’ which really way ‘yeah’ or ‘yes’ is different from the ‘no’ definition ‘no’. Usually, ns ask for clarification for this reason I do not acquire myself in trouble.

Sometimes if driving i ask my mam for directions. She states go right, i say right, she claims ‘no’ (which method ‘yeah’ in the polish language). Then in between the English indigenous ‘right’ and the polish word ‘no’ we miss the turn and I constantly say next time just say ‘tak’ or ‘nie”.

Other terms for negation in the polish language can be:

wcale ‘at all’

Example: – Jak czesto ćwiczysz jogę? – Wcale.

How often do you execute yoga? not at all.

wogóle ‘at all, not even a bit’

Example: – Piszesz dużo sms-ów? – Wogóle nie używam komórki.

Do you message a lot? ns don’t even use a cell phone.

niekoniecznie ‘not necessary’

Example: – Chcesz iść na randkę? – Niekoniecznie…

Do you desire to walk on a date? not necessary…

raczej nie ‘rather not’ – once a girl says it means ‘there is no way’

Example: – Chcesz zobaczyć magiczną sztuczkę? – Raczej nie.

Do you want to check out a magic trick? rather not.

nikt ‘nobody’

Example: Nikt mnie nie kocha.

Nobody loves me.

nigdy ‘never’

Example: Nigdy nie mów nigdy.

Never say never.

nigdzie ‘nowhere, anywhere’

Example: Nigdzie nie mogę znaleźć moich okularów.

I can’t uncover my glasses anywhere.

ani ‘nor, or’

Example: Nie widziałem ani Star Trek ani Star Wars.

I haven’t watched Star Trek nor Star Wars.

skądże or ‘a skąd’ way ‘not in ~ all, are you kidding me?’

Example: – Oglądałeś się za tą dziewczyną? – Skądże!

Did you just checked the end this girl? not at all! (What an idea!)

żaden ‘no one, none’

Example: Żaden super-bohater nie umywa się perform ciebie.

No superhero has anything on you.

a gdzie tam ‘whatever, no really, no way’

Example: – Oglądałeś wczoraj “Teorię wielkiego podrywu”? – A gdzie tam, musiałem się uczyć carry out examinu.

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Did you view ‘The huge Bang theory’ last night? No way, I had actually to examine or one exam.

szkoda mówić ‘there is no need to also talk around it’

Example: – Jak poszła randka? – Szkoda mówić…

How was your date? there is nothing to talk about…

Sorry, but you’re confused. The polishing word for ‘NO’ is ‘nie’. ‘Yeah’ is not a polish word because that ‘NO’. That the same specific as American English ‘yeah’ an interpretation ‘yeah’ or ‘ya’. Over there are plenty of American words adapted or soaked up by the polishing language. My guess is the you’re no noticing the most likely subtle distinction in the ‘n’ sound vs. The ‘y’ sound in ‘nie’. The pronounciation of ‘nie’ is practically perfectly ‘neah’ if we substitute the ‘y’ with a ‘n’ in ‘yeah’.

In India castle shake your heads up and down for ‘no’ and side methods for ‘yes’. Now that’s confusing!