Have you ever wondered exactly how to order or speak the word peace in Japanese? many look for this word the end of curiosity or merely to make a tatoo. In this article, we will share various ways and also ways that saying peace in Japanese.

The main word for peace in Japanese is Heiwa <平和> i beg your pardon can likewise mean harmony. It can mean miscellaneous like having a soft temper; educated; peaceful and also calm. What space the tricks behind this ideograms that make up Heiwa?


Peace in Chinese <安>

Although peace in Chinese is additionally Hépíng <平和> one more common ideogram used in the Chinese language to refer to tranquility is <安>. He gives the idea that calm, Pacific, quiet and also quiet. It also feels comfortable; do yourself comfortable; safe and satisfied.

In the Japanese language <安> it provides the idea of other cheap. Yet the ideogram can compose some words through a sense of relaxing, cheap, low, calm, rested, content and also peaceful. Also the adjective yasui <安い> passes this idea on.

The indigenous anzen <安全> gives the idea of security. Words anshin <安心> method peace of mental or relief. Below are part Japanese words related to peace that have actually the Chinese character <安>:

Responsive Table: roll the table sideways through your finger >>
安易an-ieasy; simple
安静yearnedrest; quiet
安否anpisafety; welfare
安らかyasurakaPacific; quiet; calm
安心感anshinkansense of security
安泰antaiPeace; safety; tranquility
安穏annonPeace; quiet; quiet
安寧annei(public) peace; stability; tranquility

Other means to Say peace in Japanese and Related

There are other Japanese indigenous to describe peace, harmony and tranquility. Some space adjectives, others also verbs, we will see listed below a list of other means to say tranquility in Japanese and also related words.

Responsive Table: role the table sideways with your finger >>
穆穆bokubokupeaceful and also kind; humble and dignified
無事bujisafety; Peace; quietude
円満anmanharmonious; Pacific; happy
rakucomfort; facility; relief; in peace; relaxation
ピースpeesuenglish peace
仲直りnakanaorireconciliation; comprise
休意kyuuipeace; tranquility
Another ideogram might pass the idea of peace as <治> which means to reign, come be at peace and also to patience down. We believe that the finest ideogram come tattoo is <和> or <安>, yet it is as much as you to decide an ideogram or word.

Japanese tranquility Phrases

I expect this write-up has assisted you to understand the various ways of saying peace in Japanese. To finish the article, let's leaving a couple of sentences about peace in Japanese:

ご冥福をお祈りします。Gomeifuku wo inorishimasu might your soul rest in peace.

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和平会談は再度失敗した.waheikaidan wa saidoshiipai peace talks have failed again.

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平和はとても大切です。Heiwa wa totemo taisetsudesu peace is really important彼らは和睦を求めた。karera wa waiboku wo motometa castle asked for peace日本はとても平和だNihon wa totemo Heiwa da Japan is an extremely peaceful私の望むのは安らぎと静けさだけです。Watashi no nozo no wa yasuragi come shizuke sadake desu every I desire is peace and also tranquility.