One of castle is as soon as talking around your own family members members to other people, and also the various other one is when stating someone"s family members.

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Japanese has this society that they have to pay respect (尊敬 - そんけい sonkei) to other world when discussing someone"s family members members.

While at the exact same time they have to be usually (謙譲 - けんじょう kenjou) when mentioning their own household members.

Therefore if they have actually to point out someone"s family members members in a conversation, they will attend to them v the words that are an ext respectful because that the Japanese household members.

Whereas if they are talking around their own household members, they resolve them through the words that will express their modesty.

Let"s inspect out what we have actually for own family members members in the adhering to list.

My very own Japanese household Members


The complying with is the word list because that one"s very own Japanese family members members.

KanjiHiragana orKatakanaRomajiMeaning
1.家族かぞくkazokuFamily / family Members
4.伯父おじojiUncle (Older than Parent)
5.叔父おじojiUncle (Younger than Parent)
6.伯母おばobaAunt (Older than Parent)
7.叔母おばobaAunt (Younger than Parent)
11.兄弟きょうだいkyoudaiSiblings / Brothers
13.あにaniOlder Brother
14.あねaneOlder Sister
15.おとうとotoutoYounger Brother
16.いもうとimoutoYounger Sister
17.夫婦ふうふfuufuMarried pair / Husband and also Wife
22.従兄弟いとこitokoCousin (Male)
23.従姉妹いとこitokoCousin (Female)
30.義理の兄ぎりのあにgiri no aniBrother-in-law (older 보다 you)
31.義理の弟ぎりのおとうとgiri no otoutoBrother-in-law (younger than you)
32.義理の息子ぎりのむすこgiri no musukoSon-in-law
33.義理の~ぎりの~giri no ~~-in-law

Someone"s Japanese family members Members


The following is words list for someone"s Japanese family members.

KanjiHiragana orKatakanaRomajiMeaning
1.ご家族ごかぞくgo kazokuSomeone"s family / household Members
2.お爺さんおじいさんojii sanGrandfather / Old Man
3.お婆さんおばあさんobaa sanGrandmother / Old Woman
4.伯父さんおじさんoji sanUncle (Older 보다 Parent)
5.叔父さんおじさんoji sanUncle (Younger than Parent)
6.伯母さんおばさんoba sanAunt (Older 보다 Parent)
7.叔母さんおばさんoba sanAunt (Younger than Parent)
8.ご両親ごりょうしんgo ryoushinParents
9.お父さんおとうさんotou sanFather
10.お母さんおかあさんokaa sanMother
11.ご兄弟ごきょうだいgo kyoudaiSiblings
12.お兄さんおにいさんonii sanOlder Brother
13.お姉さんおねえさんonee sanOlder Sister
14.弟さんおとうとさんotouto sanYounger Brother
15.妹さんいもうとさんimouto sanYounger Sister
16.ご夫婦ごふうふgo fuufuMarried pair / Husband and also Wife
17.ご主人ごしゅじんgo shujinHusband
19.お子さんおこさんoko sanChildren
20.息子さんむすこさんmusuko sanSon
21.お嬢さんおじょうさんojou sanDaughter
22.お孫さんおまごさんomago sanGrandchild

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