Founded in 2007 by David Karp, Tumblr is among the earliest micro-blogging and social networking websites.

Owned by Automatic, it is an American site where users can upload your content, pictures, links, audios, videos etc. Making use of their account ~ above Tumblr. 

Like various other social media platforms, on Tumblr also users have the right to follow other users and reblog on their post. 

Unlike Twitter, the user has full liberty to prolong the word border of the content.

However, maintaining the content smart, short and also swanky is always suggested, regardless of of platform. 

One the its interesting features is that is Dashboard that showcases a live feeding of posts from various other users.

Apart from commenting and reblogging, you deserve to simply choose the post. 

Tumblr has an HTML modifying feature that enables you to modify the theme of the blog HTML coding and so the finish outlook of the blogs. 

In addition, Tumblr allows you come delete the blogs.

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Blogs that room no longer essential for you or serving the objective can conveniently be deleted on Tumblr. 

The great news is you can still recover shed Tumblr posts and see deleted blogs. 

Do you great to understand the answer for “How”?/ “How to view deleted Tumblr blogs?”, climate this short article is for you. 

Here, we room underlying different methods to recuperate the deleted blogs indigenous previously-stored back-up or come retrieve the backup.

How to view Deleted Tumblr Blogs?

Ways to view deleted Tumblr blogs write-ups from the back-up file:

✔Manual short article Backup

✔Mass article Backup using Jammy Software

✔With the Google Cached Version

✔With the Tumblr-Log back-up Web App

✔With Cpanel Tool


✔Using black Widow Tool 

✔Using Offline traveler Enterprise

✔Email come Tumblr customer Care

Manual post Backup for watch Deleted Tumblr Blogs

One deserve to manually earlier up the posts and also recover shed Tumblr blogs write-ups from the computer.

Here are actions to seeing deleted blogs using this method

Go to the Tumblr website → log in in to her account Open the short article → click on the “gear icon”Click top top “Edit”. This is to open the article in modify mode.Click the “” icon. This is to view the HTML code of the blog.Select & copy the HTML code → dough it to a text file

Mass article Backup utilizing Jammy software program for discover Deleted Tumblr Blogs

Among the various free tools come recover shed Tumblr posts, only a couple of can be provided to back up the Tumblr posts in HTML code.

Jammy is one such tool to back up the short article in HTML code and also see deleted blogs on Tumblr.

With the Jammy tool, you deserve to easily draw the HTML password of approximately 500 blogs on Tumblr.

It conserves the compressed text documents as ZIP files and thus allows the storage of large-volume files. 

With the Google Cached variation for view Deleted Tumblr Blogs


To see turned off blogs top top Tumblr, friend can shot your destiny through Google Cache Version.

For this, you need to form in “cache:” prior to the URL in the deal with bar of her chrome browser.

This will redirect you to the cached variation of Tumblr Blog. 

With the Tumblr-Log back-up Web App

With this basic tool, girlfriend can recuperate all your Tumblr posts in one HTML file. 

Following steps must be executed to see deleted blogs:

Fill in her Tumblr usernameSelect the number and kind of papers you wish to restore. Save the HTML file in your disc. After backup, you can conveniently retrieve the blog from the tumb-log. 

With Cpanel device for recover lost Tumblr Posts

Cpanel tool permits the user to ago up whole website.

A user can only recover shed Tumblr short articles only from a backed-up file.

To check out old Tumblr blogs using Cpanel Tool, complies with these steps:

Create one account top top the C panel account and LoginClick top top the “backup wizard” symbol in the paper sectionClick top top the back-up icon ~ above the backup displayPost-back-up, choose destination come download the backed-up fileGo to the files → click the “Select the backup” icon → Click download


Pagenest for recoup tumblr post

To recoup deleted Tumblr blogs posts, Pagenest is one more useful and also easy-friendly mirroring tool.

Also known as website ripper, website copier or website downloader, Pagenest permits you to winter the Tumblr site and Tumblr posts. 

Pagnest is a really popular mirroring software that permits you to ago up and recover a shed Tumblr post or a web page of any website or entire webpage.

Using black color Widow Tool 

This tool enables you to download or mirror a webpage or come recover lost Tumblr posts accessible on the webpage.

The tool has actually a web browser that enables navigation on Tumblr pages. 

One requirements to simply download the tool and also follow the provided instruction to check out deleted blogs and save them.

Using Offline traveler Enterprise

Office traveler Enterprise tool enables you to download and ago up her website and Tumblr posts.

Visit the official website of Official traveler Enterprise and purchase the recent portable offline browser.

Download the use and use the to recuperate the shed Tumblr post.

Email to Tumblr client Care

The last option to recover shed Tumblr short articles is to send an e-mail to Tumblr Customer care to inquire around the backup copy of your deleted post.

However, opportunities are less, yet after a early out explanation that circumstance, customer care may sell you the backup of your deleted Tumblr post.

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Wrapping Up:-

How to watch deleted Tumblr blogs? is a common question amongst bloggers who love to use Tumblr as a platform to express and share. 

With the above-mentioned methods, you can effortlessly find and recover deleted Tumblr posts.

The very first three methods are the smartest means to check out deleted blog on Tumblr.

However, mirroring tools choose Black Widow, Cpanel, and so on plays no less duty in retrieving the lost data on online platforms.

The last choice is to call the customer treatment team and also request for a back-up. Hope the first couple of will job-related for you. All the best!