There’s no denying the ear styling has end up being a substantial trend. We’re no much longer just obtaining our lobes excellent at our neighborhood Claire’s Accessories, it’s all around individually inserted earrings to create the ultimate curated ear. It’s usually an art kind if girlfriend ask us.

Celebrities led the trend, v the likes that Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson all sporting a tragus piercing.

Thinking of obtaining your own tragus piercing? we asked the experts about what to expect before, during and also everything you should know about aftercare.

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What You should Know prior to Getting A Tragus Piercing

What is a tragus piercing?

Piercing specialist Stephanie Anders, who’s pierced the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and also Cameron Diaz, describes that, ‘The tragus is the part of the ear the attaches come the side of the confront that protrudes right into the center of the ear, and also partially consists the ear canal."

With every piercing location, there"s always a terrifying rumour come go through it. The fear story that comes with the tragus is the in that details location if pierced incorrectly you can cause nerve damage but Stephanie says that"s not the case, ‘While that is true that veins, arteries and also nerves run up and also branch right into the side of the face, piercing one in the ear is a an extremely wide spread myth." No must panic.





How pains is a tragus piercing?

This is of course the key question we all desire to know prior to we make any type of kind of needle-based commitment and also although it is cartilage (known for being more painful than the lobe) it’s not as scary together you might think.

Piercing Specialist in ~ Lark & Berry, Francieli Franke, advises that, ‘It might not look it to some, but the tragus piercing is actually one of the least painful locations approximately the ear to gain pierced. It is composed of special cartilage, i beg your pardon is good protection, and there’s no a the majority of nerve end there. It harms maybe a 6 the end of a10, pain-wise. However it’s simply a couple of seconds—just a quick “hot” feeling, and also then it’s done!’

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