I"ve been doing an experiment that taming pets which animals can and also can not be trained to follow and also attack because that you. Bats don"t seem to respond come any form of food ns use, and also ocelots have hearts above them when I feed fish to them, but does no tame them. Is over there a way to tame ocelots or bats?


Yes and no, over there is a way of taming one ocelot, friend would perform this by feeding it raw fish. You have to be very careful as soon as feeding the ocelot since it scares an extremely easily. When the ocelot becomes domesticated it will adjust color, so friend will recognize when it"s tamed.

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As because that taming a bat i don"t believe there is a method in vanilla Minecraft. Over there are ways to capture a bat and also place it in your home so it looks tame, yet that would certainly be for looks.


I don"t think you can tame bats, however you should have the ability to tame ocelots through fish. Reference the Minecraft Wiki for more information.


I recognize in common minecraft you cane tame bats by giving them pumpkin pie, but I pat minecraft demo and also for some factor it does no work. I don"t know why.

As because that ocelots, castle can"t it is in tamed yet if girlfriend feed two ocelots fish that space next alongside each various other they will get a baby ocelot.


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