If you’ve to be looking up means to tighten a loosened vagina, you could have come across something a little bit odd. Vinegar. That’s right, for potentially hundreds of years, people have been swearing through vinegar as a one avoid solution to all their vaginal problems. But does it really work?

Rubbing Vinegar on the Vagina


One of the key ways vinegar is claimed to boost the tightness of a vagina is by using it topically. This basically method just basting her vagina through it. While vinegar walk contain acids and chemicals which have the right to have the effect of tightening your skin, this result is just temporary, and also is as result of the result of the acids on the skin. Some vinegar will be therefore acidic that quite than tightening your skin, it will corrode it. ~ a couple of hours, your skin will go back to normal, and also all you’ll have completed is having a weird smelling vagina.

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While there doesn’t seem come be any kind of proven valuable effect to using vinegar come the vagina, there is the potential because that some negative ones. The vagina has its own natural Ph (Ph is the scale on which mountain is measured). Vinegar also has its own different Ph level. By applying vinegar to your vagina, you can completely unbalance the vagina’s herbal acidity and give you yourself yeast infections or present all kinds of other bacteria into the area. Nasty.

If girlfriend still no convinced, and want to try vinegar for yourself, that is commonly done in the kind of a natural douche. Human being usually will mix one-part vinegar with two components water. The mixture is put into a squeezable bottle and also the tip inserted into the vagina. To express the mixture into the vaginal cavity and continue releasing till you have actually used all of the solution. You can then bathe if you great to to wash the leftovers from your vagina.

Bathing in Vinegar


Bathing in vinegar is turned for much the same factor as applying it topically. Women will certainly make a mix that vinegar and water and also take a lengthy soak in it come tighten increase the skin anywhere their body. Again, this is a mainly temporary effect and will subside in ~ a couple of hours. The does carry much that the same negatives together topically applying vinegar, just this time there room many more areas because that the vinegar to get in your body, which means there room many an ext areas because that it to reason problems. Perhaps the worst point though, you’ll stink of vinegar! Why everyone would put up through the odor for one extended duration for at ideal debatable outcomes is past me, yet each to your own.

Drinking Vinegar


The final method I’ve watched recommended to use vinegar for tightening the vagina is come drink it. Rather than traditional vinegar, this is typically done with apple cider vinegar. Now this is one that right from the start I’m going come say DON’T do IT. Vinegar is really ACIDIC, and also can cause some serious damages to inner organs. Instead of merely unbalancing the Ph of your vagina, the concoction will be moving through your entire system. The can reason damage to your teeth, gums, and oesophagus due to the acidic nature of the liquid. It have the right to upset her stomach, and also cause girlfriend to shed potassium, which have the right to lead to bone damage. Because of the mixture moving through your system, if friend have any kind of prescribed drugs you could be in because that a rough time. Mixing prescribed medications with anything can be dangerous, but especially so with something together acidic as vinegar.

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As you deserve to see, as soon as you begin using things favor vinegar to try and tighten your vagina, you’re walking down a dangerous road. I would extremely recommend you leave this one ~ above the internet, and try some that the more proven approaches of quality tightening such together Kegel exercises or quality weights.