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So you desire to make a cacao cake. You walk to the store, seize a crate of mix and also drive home, prepared to bake, just to uncover that you purchased brownie mix rather of cake mix. What to perform now?

Going every the method back to the save would be a pain, yet you still really have to make that cake. Well, ns am below to help! her cake dreams are not damaged yet!

On a connected note, be certain to check out these tips for improving a brownie crate mix.

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Is It possible to do Cake native Brownie Mix?

Short answer: correct! To turn brownie mix into cake mix, you simply need to adjust the proportion of the fat, eggs, and leavener. We need to reduce the fat and increase the eggs and also leavener.

Brownie mix and cake mix room very comparable to each other (which is why it’s additionally easy to revolve cake mix right into brownies). When you look at what is in a crate of brownie mix, girlfriend will uncover sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda or baking powder and maybe a couple of other small ingredients that are standard in packaged dried goods.

Cake mixon the other hand has sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda or powder and also again, a few miscellaneous preservatives. Notice anything? The ingredients space the same!

Yes, the quantities may vary slightly however the basic ingredients are identical. Therefore, we have to easily be able to transform a brownie mix right into a cake mix.

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Difference between Cake and Brownie

We all recognize that brownies are much denser than cakes. If you closed your eyes and someone offered you a item of chocolate cake and also a bite the brownie, you would absolutely know which was which based upon texture alone. Brownies are dense and also chewy and also cake is a tiny drier and also softer in texture.

So when making a cake indigenous brownie mix, friend don’t necessarily want the thickness that comes together with a timeless brownie. You room probably searching for something lighter and also fluffier.

So us will should make the brownie mix lighter and also fluffier somehow. This method branching away from the indict on the box and also finding our own way!

We will be saying goodbye to that chewy brownie structure in no time.

What come Change

There are three key things that will have to be changed in order to revolve brownie mix into cake mix but the beauty of the entirety thing, it’s not that hard! A few adjustments to the fat content, the egg quantity and a quick baking powder adjustment and that’s it.

The accuse on the side of the brownie mix box are going to serve as the communication of our brand-new cake recipe yet we will certainly take a couple of liberties from there. Let’s take a closer look.


The Fat

The very first thing that is noticeable as soon as comparing brownie mix to cake mix is the amount of fat. Brownie mix calls for much much more fat to be added to the mix, which is one reason brownies are much more dense than cakes.

So to do a brownie mix lighter, we need to reduced or replace some of that fat. One method to easily do this is to use unsweetened applesauce quite than oil or butter.

Applesauce will certainly act in the very same moisturizing means as oil yet without the heaviness. So bye taking leave oil, hello applesauce.

The Eggs

Adding eggs space going to assist with the texture of the mix as well. Adding one more egg to her brownie mix with instantly make it much less chewy and more cakey once baked.

So get out those eggs and also if your box of brownie mix claims to add one egg, go ahead and add two. The structure is getting more cakey already!

If you prefer not to use eggs, girlfriend still have actually plenty the options!

The Leavener

There is probably already baking flour or baking soda (which aren’t the same thing) in the brownie mix but to do it more cake like, we space going to require to add more. A teaspoon of baking flour is all you will need to take the brownies as much as cake height.

Adding baking powder will certainly make the mix rise much more as it bakes and also make it lot fluffier than any kind of brownie.

Add the baking flour to the dry ingredients of the box mix and also whisk it with each other before adding the wet ingredients. This will certainly make sure you have no baking powder lumps in your batter.

Do you know how to do brownies there is no eggs, oil, cocoa, or sugar? permit me display you how!

Time come Bake!

Baking brownies and also baking cake follow basically the exact same rules. The brownie mix box will commonly say to roasted the brownies at a temperature roughly 350 levels F for about 20 minutes. This stop true to our newly produced cake batter together well.

The best means to call if her brownie cake is excellent is to carry out a toothpick test – stick a toothpick or knife right into the center of the cake and also see if that comes out cleanly, with no difficult batter attached.


A clean toothpick or knife method the cake is ready to come out of the oven! Let the cool and also then upper and lower reversal it out of the pan.

What come Expect

Now the your brownie cake is complete, what will certainly it look at like and taste like? Well, it will certainly look and taste similar to a rich cacao cake!

While making cake indigenous a brownie mix will certainly never an outcome in a super irradiate sponge cake or point of view food cake, it will be much fluffier 보다 a usual brownie.

The transforms we suggested will do a much more cakey product for sure (no chewy brownie texture here!), and who doesn’t choose a pretty hearty cacao cake?

No one will ever know the you offered a brownie mix, ns swear!

Final Thoughts

In the end, our answer come the concern of even if it is or not you have the right to make coco cake indigenous brownie mix is a resounding yes. It is in reality quite simple to change a an easy box that brownie mix right into a nice decadent coco cake.

Both box mixes contain usually the same ingredients, for this reason a brownie mix quickly becomes a cake mix with simply the couple of adjustments we mentioned.

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So next time friend come house with a box of brownie mix by accident and really need to make a cake, don’t worry! You will certainly be eating cake in no time!

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