I"m producing Supplement truth panels because that food packaging - I"d love to have actually a style collection up for my ingredients. Instead of painstakingly placing every the underlines. Is this possible?



I would, personally, execute this through InDesign.

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But, the can it is in done through Illustrator... A bit cumbersome though. And also each heat of text requirements to be a separate object.

Add a brand-new fill to the form object via the Appearance Panel and move it listed below the CharactersWith the new fill emphasize in the illustration Panel, pick Effect > convert to form > Rectangle and enter zeros and also hit OK.Then choose Effect > Distort & change > Transform and reduce the upright scale and also vertical placing to adjust the underline....



For different weights that lines girlfriend merely change the change options...


Save various configurations together Graphic format to "quick apply" the very same underline to other objects.

Again, each line of text requirements to be an elevation object. So, if this would work, it"s no ideal.

Setting this increase in InDesign is much much more straightforward and permits for much more control as a table. You can constantly export one InDesign record as a PDF/EPS and also open that through AI if necessary.

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