People approximately the world have pertained to adore Alex and Ani jewelry. Known for that signature tightening mechanism that replaces a classic clasp ~ above bracelets, Alex and Ani jewel has gained popularity in the unified States and various various other countries because its beginning. Infused with positive energy, or “chi” or “prana,” Alex and Ani jewelry uses gorgeous options that you can tailor to your distinct style and personality.

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Alex and also Ani focuses on positive energy, i beg your pardon is at the core of the that company beliefs. Every item of Alex and also Ani jewelry is infused v positive energy in 3 ways:

Manufacturing process. The jewelry is created with love and intention in sensibly preferred American factories. The manufacturing procedure is steeped in this firm consciousness, closely considering the health of the environment and also local communities.Design. Each piece of jewelry encompasses a symbol that carries its own distinctive — and also positive — energy, encouraging the wearer to select designs with personal meaning.Empowerment. Alex and also Ani bracelets, chains, and also charms room crafted to empower the individual that wears them. Girlfriend can select combinations that jewelry the speak come your own journey and also passions, which will empower you as a human being being.


The beauty, beauty of Alex and also Ani is that the jewel couples a confident message with a unique, highly personal product. With thousands of combinations available, Alex and also Ani jewelry stands gorgeously alone, however it’s urged to stack many arm bands on optimal of one another, up the wrist. Together we will research in this blog, the Alex and Ani designs stand for positivity — and everything the is unique about you. Whether you currently own Alex and also Ani jewel or you’re new to the concept, it’s useful to examine few of the beautiful pieces to obtain perspective the what’s possible with Alex and also Ani. There are plenty of collections available, yet we’ll begin by acquisition a close look in ~ the Alex and Ani symbols collection.

Path of icons Collection


Symbols play a far-reaching part the our day-to-day lives, and also it is said that symbols room the link in between thought and action. This means that put on positive, an effective symbols can have a significant impact on your life. The Alex and Ani course of Symbols collection highlights a variety of symbols, which space sure to do the perfect gift for yourself or someone one-of-a-kind in your life. Let’s look in ~ the meanings behind the Alex and also Ani bangles, therefore you have the right to make the right selection for you yourself or who else:

Tree that life charm bangle. The tree of life price evokes spiritual knowledge and also wisdom, making this the perfect gift because that anyone who desires to flourish and also bring your life to brand-new heights. The symbol additionally represents a deep connection to mommy Earth, do the tree of life charm bangle a beloved gift because that the environmentally aware individual.Armenian cross charm bangle. This gorgeous Alex and also Ani bangle carries deep symbolism that the union in between heaven and also earth. It stands for immortality and health, making it a systematic accessory item for someone through a distinct zest because that life, or probably someone that recently shed a loved one.Wild heart charm bangle. The wild love charm bangle depicts the image of a wild panther, symbolizing fierce passion and willpower. Think about purchasing this powerful Alex and Ani bangle for the person in her life v a fiery power or passionate heart.Healing love charm bangle. Love is one incredibly an effective emotion. The is with love that many things are possible, together as feeling confident, overcoming fears, and also empowering other human being beings. The healing love charm bangle represents the pure, unwavering strength of love, making the a versatile and appropriate gift for any occasion.Cosmic balance charm bangle. Balance is a an important component of a healthy universe and a healthy life. The cosmic balance charm bangle represents night and day through a beautiful depiction of the moon and sun. As soon as your life is in balance, you with your highest potential.Love charm bangle. If you’re looking for an Alex and Ani love bangle, this is a splendid choice. It’s basic and elegant — great choice because that gifting to someone you love.Om charm bangle. Om is a sound — an interval or mystic syllable — that is considered the most sacred mantra. Om is the essence of everything, and it represents the unified of whatever in life’s cycle. Consider adding the om charm bangle to her Alex and Ani arsenal if you desire to connect much more deeply through your inside spirit, or encourage someone to look for this connectedness.Sacred dove charm bangle. The dove is a universal symbol the peace and harmony. If you’re searching for a gift the represents trust, light, and new beginnings, the spiritual dove charm is the perfect choice.Four leaf clover charm bangle. 4 leaf clovers stand for the 4 blessings in life: luck, hope, faith, and love. The 4 leaf clover charm bangle is an elaborate piece, together the clover is surrounding by the indications of the 4 seasons. This charming Alex and Ani bangle makes great gift for birthdays, holidays, and also no chance at all.Lotus tranquility petals charm bangle. If you’re looking for a graduation gift or gift because that someone progressing to the following stage of their life, the lotus tranquility petals charm bangle is wonderful choice. The lotus flower to represent the soul’s evolution, therefore the blossoming individual in her life will appreciate the emotion behind this piece.It’s clear the Alex and also Ani jewel is steeped in positivity and also deep meaning. Human being who wear Alex and also Ani jewel wear the as more than a decorate embellishment. The jewelry heat is beautiful and detailed, yet it goes past the an easy reason because that wearing jewelry. Human being love Alex and Ani jewelry due to the fact that it to represent something unique about themselves and their journey.

Charity by design Collection

The Charity by architecture collection speak to everyone, due to the fact that we all have specific passions and also life stories. The arsenal was developed with the Alex and Ani ethos in mind: to spread positivity and also empower people about the world. By purchase a Charity by architecture piece, you’re supporting the mission of a non-profit company of special prestige to you. Once you purchase a bangle indigenous this unique collection, Alex and also Ani will donate 20% of the proceeds come the nonprofit it represents. Let’s examine some of our favorite Charity by design pieces:

Cherub charm bangle — Hasbro Children"s Hospital. The cherub symbol to represent innocence and also joy, making this bangle bracelet a lover gift for someone in require of encouragement or blessings.Unicorn charm bangle — Children"s miracle Network. Unicorns are an inspirational prize of healing and miracles. They defend the innocent and also imbue them with them a positive, youthful energy.Best friends set of 2 charm bangle — American heart Association. The finest friends collection of 2 charm bangle is a perfect gift for fairly a few scenarios. Existing it come your ideal friend, who shares a part of your own heart. Purchasing this charm bangle additionally supports the American heart Association, which provides the set of bangles proper for civilization who have been affected by love disease.Special distribution charm bangle — in march of Dimes. offered in pink or blue, the special distribution charm bangle honors motherhood in its plenty of forms. The price of the stork represents happiness, gifts and also the beginning of life.Sunflower charm bangle — Alzheimer"s Association. The sunflower is a strong, resilient flower the represents faith and also happiness. The bangle deserve to serve together a reminder for those influenced by alzheimer’s to constantly face the light and also remain positive.Lighthouse charm bangle — Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A lighthouse is a price of safety and security ahead, a welcoming sign that you on the best path. If who in her life has actually been impacted by leukemia or lymphoma, the lighthouse charm bangle will certainly serve as a reminder of your strength and also resiliency.Penguin charm bangle — association of Zoos and Aquariums. The penguin is a strong-willed animal, cost-free spirited and also devoted. The penguin charm bangle makes a fun, inspiring gift for the animal-lover in your life.Everyone has actually a story come share. Even if it is they desire to re-superstructure it with the civilization or host it sacred, one Alex and Ani bracelet is a sentimental, optimistic reminder the your an individual chronicle the life.

How much Are Alex and also Ani Bracelets?

Alex and also Ani bracelets are affordably priced, ranging from $24 to $68, relying on which friend choose. You deserve to opt for a charm bangle or a bangle embellished v crystals.

Alex and also Ani Chain Station

Besides bracelets, Alex and Ani supplies gorgeous expandable necklaces and charms. The chain station uses a chance to bring your story to life. Each charm placed on your necklace to represent a component of your life’s journey. Choose between 32- and 38-inch necklaces and many exquisite charms. Come learn an ext about Alex and also Ani charm meanings, consider the adhering to chain station options.Statement necklaces. A climbed quartz expandable necklace radiates on one of two people a gold-plated or sterling silver chain.Precious birth months. A gorgeous birthstone pendant represents every month, making this a versatile and appropriate gift for any type of occasion.Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals emit vibrant, an effective colors. Invite the light into your life with the red magma Swarovski crystal heart charm, the lilac zero Swarovski crystal charm, the golden shadow Swarovski crystal charm, the pink zero Swarovski decision charm, or the blue shadow Swarovski crystal charm.Path the symbols. The Alex and also Ani chain station promotes optimistic energy and also encourages individualism. The course of signs charm uses plenty of variety, with choices such as the countless knot charm, the compass charm, the four leaf clover charm, the key to life charm, and also many more.

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Mini route of symbols. If you choose a smaller sized charm, look because that mini path of symbols charm in her favorite varieties.Today us expect much more than a gorgeous product, and the exact same is true for the jewel we select to adorn our bodies. This day we need goodness in and also out. Us crave beautiful commodities that come indigenous a beautiful place, and also that’s what you deserve to expect indigenous the Alex and also Ani jewel collections at Mountz Jewelers’ Carlisle location. The jewelry is made through love, intention, and also positive power — v the manufacturing process, the design of the item and, finally, that positivity is analyzed to the wearer.

Trust Your one-of-a-kind Moments come Mountz

Alex and Ani charms make thoughtful gifts for any kind of occasion — or no chance at all. If you’d like to broaden your repertoire of Alex and Ani bracelets, charms, and bangles, visit Mountz Jewelers’ Carlisle location. Carlisle — 1160 Walnut Bottom Road, Carlisle, PA 17015 Mountz Jewelers is offering an upcoming event for those interested in to buy Alex and Ani jewelry: Chain station Event, April 23rd-May 7th. Receive a complimentary charm as much as $16 with the purchase of any kind of necklace. Upgrades available. Visit Mountz in Carlisle today, whereby you deserve to expect one extraordinary jewel experience!