Mancala games are often won with the smallest margin. One extra stone in her mancala have the right to make the distinction to win or to lose.

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Opening Moves


As the an initial player, you need to start with the 3rd hole together opening move as your last stone will land currently in the mancala. This not just scores friend a allude but provides you a 2nd move.

Now, play from her rightmost or second-rightmost hole. One of two people of these moves will certainly drop a stone into your opponent's third hole blocking the to make the very same opening move.

Focus on your Mancala


Try to make moves that will certainly maximize the number of stones going right into your Mancala. When stones get in your Mancala they cannot be taken the end again with subsequent moves and also you score points with it.

In each turn, your very first move have to always allow you to move again. So, her last seeding stone must land in your own Mancala. Yet watch out, this might not constantly be the ideal strategy since it will empty your side of the board too quickly.

Play often from her Rightmost Pit


A method I regularly use is to empty my rightmost hole as early on as possible in the game. Then whenever I obtain a pebble in it, ns play the pebble into the mancala top top my prompt next move, whether as part of the current turn or the next.

This not only increases the build-up in the mancala, but it likewise avoids having to happen pebbles end to the opponent if much more than one pebble accumulates in the rightmost hole.

Play Offensive

If you can't make a relocate where her last rock lands in her mancala, girlfriend should always aim to capture the stones ~ above the opponent's next of the board.

Play Defensive

If friend can't catch opponent's stones, then do a move on your turn that stays clear of your pieces from being captured by moving stones right into the opponent's north pit. This will not maximize stones going right into your own mancala, however it have the right to stop your enemy from recording your stones.

You need to also shot to eliminate the opponent's ability to move much more than once during his revolve by dropping a rock in the feet that would certainly have allowed your opponent to finish his turn in his mancala.

Empty wisely your own Pits


Create empty holes on your side the the board wherein your opponent's feet is no empty in order to capture his/her stones.

Empty her rightmost hole already early in the video game as this is straight next to her mancala zone. At any time you choose up a solitary stone from the hole together your move, you will score a suggest and get one more move. Your next relocate should be to autumn stones right into your mancala because that another complimentary point and then move again.

Look ahead and watch her back

The biggest key to victory Mancala is to plan ahead. It is type of prefer chess--the an essential is discovering what friend will carry out a couple of moves in development depending on her opponent's move. Understand that time is an essential in this game.

But also watch out your back for captures of her opponent. If among your feet filled with stones is threatened, your next move might either it is in to fill the empty hole or beat the stones indigenous your full hole as a protective move.

Be able to change your strategy at any time

Keep the variety of stones in every bin less than or same to the number essential to struggle my very own mancala. This enables you to starve her opponent, however it offers you additionally a board place that provides you a selection of various strategies depending on the moves her opponent.

Set up baits

Sometimes, it's great that several of your stones room being raided. This occurs as soon as the future price for your adversary is greater than the stones he was able to capture. Constantly weigh the costs versus alternative moves and simultaneous benefits.

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Hoarding Strategy


Hoarding is placing several pebbles in one hole and also having it act favor a little store. This serves two possible purposes: it keeps more stones on her side for this reason that when the video game ends, you obtain to capture all those stones. It also limits the variety of pebbles your enemy has to occupational with.