Niels Bohr postulates the atomic model which says that electrons move in details circular orbits around the nucleus through quantized kinetic and also potential energies. Ernest Rutherford stated that one atom consists of the entirety mass the is concentrated into the center.

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From the above statement, we can say that both the models that the atom differ in the method they explained the movements of electrons roughly the nucleus and also their power levels. We all are mindful of the modern-day theory which claims that “matter is comprised of small particles known as atoms which in turn are consisted of of subatomic particles”.

The Atomic theory is the scientific explanation the the nature of atoms and also matter that combines components of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The word ‘atoms’ is obtained from the Greek native ‘atomos‘, definition ‘indivisible‘. Despite Atomic theory is the principle that source in old India and also Greece.

So, it have the right to be said that the atom theory has actually crossed the countless years, once it starts in the 5th century B.C., v Democritus concept “matter is composed of the indivisible, indestructible units that connect with every other“. Relocating onto the 18th century as soon as Dalton’s proposed the atom theory and also then pass in the 20th century v the discovery of subatomic particles, the plum pudding model, Rutherford model, Bohr model, and also quantum theory, the journey was complete of discoveries and also information.

But the two milestones along the entirety path is the Bohr atom theory, which was the modified variation of the Rutherford atom model and so sometimes called as Rutherford-Bohr atomic model. With recommendation to this theories, in this article, we will be highlighting the difference in between the two, through a quick explanation of their work.

Content: Bohr Vs Rutherford’s atom Models

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonBohr atom ModelRutherford atomic Model
MeaningRutherford theory claims that in the center of an atom is a tiny positively charged nucleus, which is surrounding by the negatively charged electrons. The Bohr atomic theory depicts the atom which as a positive charged, tiny nucleus surrounded by electrons that travel in a fixed circular course or orbits approximately the centre.
Postulates was provided in the year/ByNiels Bohr in 1922.Ernest Rutherford in 1913.
The experiment to be based onHydrogen heat spectrum.Gold foil experiment.
Orbital sizeThis model additionally describes the relationship between the energy and size the the orbital, which states that "smallest orbital has the lowest energy".Rutherford did not define this relation of the orbital.
Energy levelsBohr design was may be to explain the discrete energy levels.Rutherford"s version did not describe discrete power levels.
Electron frequenciesThe emission of radiation by electrons is of certain frequencies.The emission of radiation by electrons is of every frequencies.
Type of emissions SpectrumThe electron emissions spectrum is the line spectrum.The electron emission spectrum is a continuous spectrum.

Definition the Bohr Theory

This concept was postulated by a Danish physicist named Neil Bohr in 1922 and has acquired its name as Bohr atomic model. This version is the alteration of the Rutherford atomic model and so sometimes recognized as the ‘Rutherford-Bohr Model’.


Bohr’s version of the atom is rooted in quantum mechanics. Despite it likewise has some pros and cons however considered as vital as this concept explained numerous points concerning atomic theory without any type of high-level maths. It likewise explained the spectral emission lines of atomic hydrogen well-known as the Rydberg formula.

The Bohr version is the planetary model which claims that electrons move in a stated path well-known as an orbit shell. He likewise explained the this orbit shell has actually a fixed energy level. The Bohr concept is one step ahead of Rutherford’s model, wherein it explained electrons and also different power levels. The Bohr model is composed of little negatively fee electrons, which orbits or revolve approximately the positively charged nucleus.

Postulates that the Bohr atomic Model

Electrons move approximately the nucleus in orbits or shells or energy levels; the is the addressed circular path.The orbits are claimed to the “stationary orbits”.Each orbit has actually a details amount the energy and also size.The energy of the orbit corresponds to the size.The smallest orbit will have actually the lowest energy.Radiation is emitted or took in when electrons move from one to another orbit.

Drawbacks the the Bohr Model

It does not follow the Heisenberg suspicion Principle.This model provides the incorrect value of the orbit angular momentum.It does not properly define the spectra of bigger atoms.It failure in explaining the Zeeman Effect.

Definition of Rutherford Theory

In 1897, J.J Thomson’s students placed up the ‘Plum Pudding model‘ incorrectly and also found atom consist that subatomic particles referred to as electrons and also protons. Though he did no make that clear around the arrangement of such particles in ~ the atom. Later on, in 1911, Ernest Rutherford, v his coworkers tested Thomson’s theory by act the ‘gold silver paper experiment’.

Rutherford took objection against the ‘plum pudding model’ and also describe the planetary model. He described the planetary model, whereby the positive charged brought by an atom and also its massive is current at its facility or nucleus.

Rutherford through his coworkers Hans Geiger and also Ernest Marsden performed historical experiments, the would adjust the concept of the model of an atom. In ‘The yellow Foil Experiment‘ castle bombarded fast-moving alpha particles on the an extremely thin sheets of yellow foil. The alpha particles are the natural radioactive particles that room positively charged.

The experiment aimed to observe the deflection the alpha particles with the sheet, and for this, he put a screen of zinc sulfide roughly the yellow foil.

Postulates of Rutherford atom Model based upon the gold Foil Experiment

An atom consists of positively fee particles. A significant portion of an atom is present in a tiny area referred to as a cell nucleus of an atom.The nucleus of one atom is surrounding by negatively charged particles known as electrons.An atom is electrically neutral or has no net charge, because of the visibility of positive charge (nucleus) and an unfavorable charge as well.The dimension of the cell core is too small in comparison with the size of an atom.

Drawbacks of the Rutherford atomic Model

Rutherford’s version does not describe the electromagnetic theory.It additionally does not explain the security of one atom and the present of the spectrum.One the the major drawbacks was the summary of the setup of the electrons.

Key Differences in between Bohr and Rutherford’s atom Theory

Given points space the an important one to recognize the difference in between two theories:

Rutherford’s theory claims that in the facility of one atom is a little positively charged nucleus, which is surrounding by negatively charged electrons. The Bohr atomic concept depicts an atom together a positive charged, little nucleus surrounded by electron that travel in a addressed circular path or orbits about the center.Postulates were given in the year Niels Bohr in 1922, Ernest Rutherford in 1913.Bohr’s atomic concept was based upon the Hydrogen heat spectrum, when Rutherford’s atomic theory was on yellow foil.Rutherford go not define the relation of the orbital. Despite the Bohr atomic model also describes the relationship between the energy and size the the orbital, which says that the “smallest orbital has actually the shortest energy“.Bohr’s version was able to define the discrete energy levels, yet Rutherford’s design did not describe these.In the Bohr design electron emission spectrum is the line spectrum, if in the Rutherford model, that is a consistent spectrum.

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In this article, us studied the comparison chart between two atomic models, with their benefits and disadvantages. Although castle both defined the ide of atomic structure with minute variations. Bohr version is said to it is in the modification of the Rutherford model. However, such models have added towards progressed models of atom structure.