Here you will find some of our most generally Asked Questions. If you perform not uncover the answer you space looking for, you re welcome feel totally free to call us at (800) 338-7811. We will be happy come answer any and also all questions you might have.

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How fast can my order ship?

Our in-stock items ship the end in 24-72 hours. We additionally offer emergency shipping that normally ships the very same day, please speak to for details.

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Do girlfriend sell other manufacturers?

Yes. We market most significant manufacturers at wholesale, including: ALADDIN ARMSTRONG BEAULIEU BRUCECORONET custom WEAVE GALAXY GULISTAN HORIZON MOHAWK MANNINGTON QUEEN PHILADELPHIA aristocracy SHAWSUTTON TUFTEX human being ...and plenty of more...If you room interested in a particular style and need a price, fill out our quote kind or speak to us in ~ (800) 338-7811 ex. 4015.

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Do you offer padding?

Yes. We offer a selection of peak quality pads consisting of "SpillGuard", "Anti-Microbial", and also "Allergy Solution" pads.

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What are square yards and why is carpet measure in square yards and not square feet?

A conventional carpet roll is 12 feet wide, which means that as soon as measuring your residence for carpet you should take right into account the roll size in determining exactly how much carpet friend need. Carpet is additionally a directional material so all the carpet must be laid v the exact same orientation. Thus we measure homes in linear feet or in other words exactly how long of a carpet roll to buy. Due to the fact that some carpet rolls space 15 feet vast the lot of carpet required to carpet her home have the right to vary v the dimension of the carpet roll used. Due to the fact that most consumers are familiar with square footage measurements the carpet sector uses the conventional of square yards instead of linear feet. Square yards can quickly be converted to square feet. 1 Sq. Yard = 9 Square feet.

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What is supposed by systems Dyed?

Solution dyeing is a yarn coloration process in which pigment is included to the polymer melt before the fiber is extruded right into yarn. The color, therefore, is an inherent part of the yarn itself.Although equipment dyeing walk not sell as large a color selection as various other dye methods, its colors room the most permanent. Solution dyed yarn is very resistant to color loss with fading native sunlight, ozone, or harsh clean agents and bleach. The equipment dyeing process is, in addition, environmentally friendly and also efficient, using small water or energy.

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What is BCF?

BCF stands for Bulked continuous Filament. You desire to to buy a carpet made from a continuous filament fiber. Words "Bulked" describes a procedure where the manufacturer renders the strand of fiber beefed up, or bulked to create a fatter and much more beefy feel. Think the it prefer using a volumizer on her hair. It provides it feel thicker and also fuller. The "CF" way the strand is created in one lengthy strand. When they make carpet indigenous a CF fiber is practically eliminates the shedding and fuzzing that you suffer with a carpet made of a staple fiber.

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What is staple Fiber?

A staple fiber is brief lengths of fiber, generally 3 to 10 customs long, that room spun together. When carpet is make from a clip fiber, shedding and also fuzzing is regular for approximately a year after installation.

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Is your firm reputable and also reliable?

Yes. We have remained in business for over two decades, offer the demands of builders, remodelers, decorators, churches, and homeowners. We room proud to front ours 99%+ approval rating!

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What if over there is a problem?

Just call our customer organization or claims department and also an combine will aid you best away. Every shipments room insured and guaranteed, according to the guidelines of the carrier.

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How is the shipped?

Via typical carrier freight line, one of two people to your project site or any kind of other place you specify, or to the nearest freight terminal because that you to choose up. If it comes to your job site, the freight heat asks the you carry out labor to unload the goods.

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Can ns really save money?

You bet! Both retail shops and huge warehouse stores, also though they carry out installation, are rather over-priced. Saving you money is how we gained started in business and it"s exactly how we stay in business.

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How do I pay for my order?

We accept credit cards because that sample orders. The technique of payment for various other orders room cashier"s/regular check, money order, or cable transfer. Orders are processed upon full payment.

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What space Your Policies?

Each bespeak is a tradition order. All production defects have to be reported in ~ ten (10) job after receipt to Dalton heaven Carpet, Inc. Dalton heaven Carpet, Inc. Is no liable because that freight damage or shipping delays and any such cases must be made to the agent at time the delivery. No claims enabled after goods have been reduced or sponged. Inspect products before installation. Any kind of returns have to have suitable Return Authorization from Dalton sky Carpet Inc. Prior to anything will certainly be accepted ago for credit. No return or refunds given on practice orders. Any cancellation after commodities have been processed will certainly be up to a 50% restocking fee. No cut under 50 ft. Embraced back. Once assets have been shipped, the client is responsible for freight charges. Cancelled orders, in writing prior to material is processed will just be fee a 10-25% dealing with fee. Prices topic to adjust without former notification. All prices are F.O.B. Dalton Ga. Fire rating approval is duty of the customer. If net purchase, since of electronic media, true colors may vary. Any type of orders that execute not return a signed check after 3 business days will be subject to a 20% processing fee. Shipment direct to your house or job site will call for you to have labor to assist unload your carpet.