My friend made fried chicken last night which perfect cooking about 6:30. It stayed hot for awhile. I covered it with a record towel and also left it out; i was really worn down last night and didn’t finish up putting tinfoil top top it and also storing that in the fridge.

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I simply ate it now at 3 :-/ ns ate about 2/3 of it. I’ve looked online and also some speak that world are as well paranoid around eating that after the been the end for much longer than 2-4 hours, i hear others say that they’ve eaten chicken that’s to be left the end for 12+ hours and also they’re fine. I never do stuff prefer this, my boyfriend on the various other hand always eats pizza whenever us order the after it’s been left out for a totality day and also he’s never gained sick.


I’ve bespeak fried chicken usually when a week, i leave the on the counter overnight every time and personally i’ve never had a trouble with it.

Fried chicken is good for a couple of days. You’re good no prob! It’s most likely a lil dry tho. Placed a couple of drops of hot sauce on it!

its correct. I have only gotten ill after eating chicken that was 3 work old (in the fridge, cooked). You should be fine. I have actually chicken food preparation 12 hours back all the time, even the following day sometimes

Leftover chicken is always risky yet I think a most times it relies on your details biology and also stomach biome. I have actually (unknowingly) consumed food that was left the end overnight and survived. Girlfriend will certainly know sooner quite than later, so if you are still ok in ~ a pair hours ns wouldn't problem too much.

I am beginning to feel a tiny iffy yet I think it’s psychosomatic/from all of the anxiety about this (I’m kind of a hypochondriac when it comes to details things)

It can take up to 8 hours after you've eaten something to start being sick.

Cold chicken is safe to eat, but should be retained in the fridge.

It's the reheating that's normally the risk, if you don't reheat it too piping hot, as the warm kills the bacteria, you room at risk of food poisoning, also not food preparation the chicken totally can put you at risk.

If had actually buffets wherein chicken legs to be left the end - yet it had actually been cook just prior to the event.

I hope you don't obtain food poisoning, I had it the when from rice, and also it was horrible, throwing up nothing after a job of gift sick.

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I wouldn't great it ~ above anyone

This was a bad idea. You have the right to only hope you are lucky and don’t get sick. Stick come the 2 hour preeminence in the future.