This record provides guidelines administer receipt of goods purchased by ptcouncil.net’s purchasing Department. Shipment of requested assets / products marks a change in the Purchase-to-Pay process from a purchasing activity to a payables activity.  all purchases need to be “received” to release payment to the supplier.  The “receiving” room must determine if the assets or services got are acceptable and also conform to the terms and also conditions the the purchase order.  The whole receiving process consists the the following:

Receiving – The act of acquisition possession of commodities in order to stage them for inspection, ar them right into inventory, or deploy them to finish user (Requester) for immediate use.

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Inspecting – the act of analyzing products that have actually been delivered to recognize conformance come the acquisition specifications.

Acceptance – Acknowledging the the assets and/or items conform to the demands of the acquisition order so the the supplier may be paid.  shipments are thought about “accepted” if the client (requester the the item) acknowledges receipt to account Payable and do not have a high quality or delivery issue. Most shipments are taken into consideration accepted and also approved because that payment through the recipient (requester) by the generation the a receiving ticket (report) uneven the recipient contact Procurement or accounts Payable and also requests a hold on payment.



Signing because that Deliveries

Whenever possible, the person receiving the product have to sign the receiving documents provided by the supplier or shipping company.  The human being receiving the delivery should examine the items prior to signing the receipt and also should likewise initial the packing list. Then, submit the packing list to the ideal person (Accounts Payable, Requester, legacy Management) for financial reconciliation.

Refusing Delivery

Whenever possible, departments have to refuse to expropriate shipments if they room unable to confirm that the stimulate was inserted by their department, or if the packing appears sufficiently damaged come warrant concern.

Record Retention

During the receiving process, the Receiving department takes physics possession and legal property of the shipment.  Therefore, it is crucial for the providers to provide the department through a packing list for every shipments delivered to the department.

If the supplier stops working to carry out the pack list, the department should call the caterer to request that duplicates be sent to the department for its files.

Department need to keep receiving papers on document in accordance with these guidelines. The need for saving receiving files is specifically important when accepting any type of partial or staggered deliveries over a duration of time.



Inspecting a shipment

Persons receiving shipments should, top top acknowledging receipt of an order, command an investigate to verify the adhering to minimum conditions:

The products conform to the acquisition order requirements and other relevant files (for example: correct design number, description, size, type, color, ratings, etc.)The quantity ordered versus the amount shipped or delivered.There is no damage or breakage.The unit of measurement count is exactly (e.g. If the unit of measure on the purchase order is one dozen, there should be 12 in the package).Delivery documentation (packing list, certifications, etc.) is acceptable.Perishable items space in great condition and also expiration dates have no been exceeded.Products space operable or functional.

Product Substitutions and also Over-Shipments

Suppliers room not enabled to substitute commodities or deliver an ext than the amount ordered without prior approval from one of two people the room or the to buy Agent.  The purchase Agent must be educated by the department whenever this occurs.

Partial Deliveries

Departments should call the proper Purchasing certified dealer whenever a acquisition is received as a partial shipment without acknowledgement or an alert from the supplier.  This details is typically listed on the packing list.

Failed Inspections

Departments room advised to inform in writing any type of failed inspection results found during investigate and carry out the results to the supplier and the Purchasing agent for appropriate action.  when receiving items from freight companies, the variety of packages obtained should complement exactly the number ~ above the freight bill.  If not, the Department should require the driver to create the variety of packages got on the bill prior to signing.  examine all packages for damages to the exterior container.  any kind of visual damages should likewise be provided on the freight bill before signing.

In situations of concealed damage, a report should be made by the Department immediately to the moving carrier.  The report should incorporate the complying with information: Freight bill Number, acquisition Order number, the day of delivery, supplier, and also the degree of damages or shortage.  In the event of damage, that is necessary that the room retain all the initial shipping cartons because that inspection by a insurance claims adjuster.



Determining Acceptance

Departments are forced to contact the caterer in a fashionable manner when rejecting products that are over-shipments, defective or for any other non-conformance.  failure to educate the caterer and/or Purchasing agent in a timely path will average the distribution will be considered “accepted”.

Securing Rejected products in a certain Area

Departments room responsible for storing rejected commodities in a secured area until the commodities are one of two people shipped back to the supplier, or the supplier take away possession of the products and also removes lock from college property.

Tagging fixed Assets

Following acceptance of capital items, departments are to ensure that Asset tags space affixed to funding equipment as listed by the university policy governing resolved assets.

Product Returns because that Credit/Refund

When a supplier has actually shipped items as specified on a purchase order, they have legally complied with their component of the contract and also are under no responsibility to accept went back items for credit or refund.  acceptance of a return through a supplier is not automatic; and also if accepted, a restocking fee that 5% - 25% that the original item cost is periodically charged through the supplier.  This fee will need to be payment by the requisitioning department.

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When an item is received from a providers that has been damaged, or is rejected for failing acceptance trial and error or is not as stated on the purchase order, the department should return a Return Authorization Number from that Supplier.  The shipping label on the changed package must be marked with the Return Authorization Number.  other identifying info should be placed on the external of the went back package for easy identification as soon as received by the supplier.  No item must be reverted without front authorization indigenous the supplier.  Procurement Services have the right to assist in securing credit transaction or refunds indigenous the supplies.