During a new Year’s eve feast atKing Arthur’s court, a weird figure, advert to only as the GreenKnight, payment the court an unforeseen visit. He challenges the group’sleader or any type of other brave representative come a game. The eco-friendly Knightsays the he will allow whomever accepts the difficulty to strikehim with his very own axe, on the problem that the challenger findhim in exactly one year to receive a punch in return.

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Stunned, Arthur hesitates to respond, however when the GreenKnight mocks Arthur’s silence, the king actions forward to take it thechallenge. As soon as Arthur grips the green Knight’s axe, sir Gawainleaps up and asks to take it the an obstacle himself. He takes hold ofthe axe and, in one deadly blow, cut off the knight’s head. Tothe amazement of the court, the now-headless green Knight picksup his severed head. Prior to riding away, the head reiterates theterms the the pact, recall the young Gawain to seek him in a yearand a day in ~ the green Chapel. ~ the environment-friendly Knight leaves, thecompany goes ago to its festival, however Gawain is uneasy.

Time passes, and autumn arrives. On the work of every Saints, Gawainprepares to leave Camelot and find the environment-friendly Knight. The puts onhis finest armor, mounts his horse, Gringolet, and starts turn off towardNorth Wales, traveling with the wilderness the northwest Britain.Gawain encounters every sorts that beasts, suffers native hunger and cold,and grows much more desperate together the job pass. ~ above Christmas Day, heprays to discover a place to hear Mass, climate looks up to see a castleshimmering in the distance. The lord of the lock welcomes Gawainwarmly, introducing him to his lady and to the old woman that sitsbeside her. Because that sport, the organize (whose name is later revealed tobe Bertilak) strikes a address Gawain: the host will go the end huntingwith his males every day, and also when he return in the evening, he willexchange his winnings because that anything Gawain has managed to acquireby continuing to be behind at the castle. Gawain happily agrees to the pact,and goes to bed.

The very first day, the lord hunts a herd that does, when Gawainsleeps so late in his bedchambers. ~ above the morning that the very first day,the lord’s wife sneaks into Gawain’s chambers and attempts to seducehim. Gawain puts she off, but prior to she pipeline she steals one kissfrom him. That evening, when the host offers Gawain the venison hehas captured, Gawain kisses him, due to the fact that he has actually won one kiss indigenous lady. The second day, the lord hunts a wild boar. The lady again entersGawain’s chambers, and this time she kisses Gawain twice. The eveningGawain provides the organize the two kisses in exchange because that the boar’shead.

The 3rd day, the mr hunts a fox, and also the lady kissesGawain three times. She likewise asks him for a love token, such asa ring or a glove. Gawain refuses to give her anything and refusesto take it anything native her, till the lady mentions her girdle. Thegreen silk girdle she wears roughly her waist is no ordinary pieceof cloth, the lady claims, however possesses the magical capacity toprotect the human who wears the from death. Intrigued, Gawain acceptsthe cloth, however when it come time come exchange his winnings withthe host, Gawain offers the three kisses however does not mention thelady’s eco-friendly girdle. The host gives Gawain the fox skin he winner thatday, and also they all walk to bed happy, but weighed down with the factthat Gawain must leave because that the environment-friendly Chapel the adhering to morningto discover the green Knight.

New Year’s day arrives, and Gawain dons his armor, consisting of thegirdle, then sets off through Gringolet to seek the environment-friendly Knight. A guideaccompanies him the end of the heritage grounds. As soon as they with the borderof the forest, the overview promises not to tell anyone if Gawain decidesto offer up the quest. Gawain refuses, established to meet his fatehead-on. Eventually, he involves a type of crevice in a rock, visiblethrough the high grasses. That hears the whirring of a grindstone,confirming his skepticism that this strange cavern is in fact theGreen Chapel. Gawain calls out, and also the environment-friendly Knight emerges togreet him. Will on fulfilling the terms of the contract, Gawainpresents his neck come the eco-friendly Knight, who proceeds come feign twoblows. Top top the 3rd feint, the green Knight nicks Gawain’s neck,barely drawing blood. Angered, Gawain shouts the their contracthas to be met, however the environment-friendly Knight merely laughs.

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The green Knight expose his name, Bertilak, and explainsthat he is the mr of the castle where Gawain newly stayed.Because Gawain did no honestly exchange all of his winnings onthe 3rd day, Bertilak attracted blood on his third blow. Nevertheless,Gawain has proven himself a worthy knight, without same in allthe land. When Gawain inquiries Bertilak further, Bertilak explainsthat the old mrs at the castle is really Morgan le Faye, Gawain’saunt and also King Arthur’s half sister. She sent out the eco-friendly Knight onhis initial errand and used her magic to adjust Bertilak’s appearance. Relievedto be alive yet extremely guilty about his sinful failure to tellthe whole truth, Gawain put on the girdle on his eight as a reminderof his own failure. He return to Arthur’s court, where all theknights sign up with Gawain, put on girdles on your arms to display their support.