Final test study overview with multiple choice questions top top Texas roadway signs and road rules. Safe driving behaviour - developing safe vehicle drivers on Road. Exactly how to journey defensively, web traffic signals, rules and regulations, types of parking, traffic infraction points and also fines. Vehicle speed limits, automobile repair, vehicle insurance coverages, vehicle maintenance, performance.
A posted rate limit that 55 mph means: A. You can constantly lawfully journey 55mph on that road. B. You may drive 55mph just under favorable steering conditions. C. You might drive 60 mph as officers permit an extra 5 mph. D. You may drive 60 mph job or night on the road.
The best daytime speed limit for passenger cars on highway numbered through this state or the United says is: A. 45 mph B. 65 mph C. 70 mph D. 55 mph
If you space driving in ~ the speed limit and also another driver sound his horn and starts to pass, girlfriend should: A. Slow-moving down and allow him come pass. B. Rate up to obtain out that his way. C. Refuse to give method as that is already driving at the rate limit. D. Sound her horn and wave to warn him.
The maximum speed limit because that passenger car on Texas Highway numbered by this state or joined States outside an urban district? A. 30 MPH on daytime and 30 MPH on nighttime. B. 70 MPH on daytime and 65 MPH on nighttime. C. 60 MPH top top daytime and also 55 MPH ~ above nighttime. D. 15 MPH on daytime and also 15 MPH ~ above nighttime.
The speed limit because that passenger dare on designated rural interstates is: A. 70 mph B. 60 mph C. 55 mph D. 65 mph
Traveling faster than the speed limit rises both the risk and also the __________ that a crash. A. Severity B. Damage and Fatality C. Range D. Duration
If traffic is traveling quicker than the speed limit, stand up to going the speed of the________. A. Vehicles blocking traffic B. Faster vehicles C. Tailgaters D. Slowest vehicles
Fastest vehicles HINT: You might be forced to travel v the circulation of traffic. If web traffic is traveling much faster than the rate limit, withstand going the speed of the fastest vehicles. The best approach is to it is in a "loner" and try to place your auto between packs of vehicles. If this is no possible, position your vehicle in the lane that allows you to take trip as close come the speed limit as possible without blocking traffic.

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The rate limit for passenger car on highways numbered by this state or the United says is:
A. 60 mph B. 55 mph C. 65 mph D. 70 mph
A rate limit sign with flashing yellow lamp is known as a ________________.A. Institution Zone rate limit signB. Expressway rate limit signC. One method street speed limit signD. No passing Zone rate limit sign
School Zone speed limitHINT: A flashing yellow light warns chauffeurs to sluggish down and also proceed with caution.

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