which vowel comes midway between j and also t?

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which collection comes midway between j and t?

In the alphabet, i m sorry letter is midway between J and P?

Write the end the letters of the alphabet (or watch them increase online). Ignore all the letters before J and after P.

That leaves you v J K together M N O P. Counting them. Prize 7. Hence the 4th letter will have actually 3 before it and also 3 after it. The 4th letter is M.

Double check. How countless letters room there prior to M? 3 .How numerous letters space there after M? 3. Therefore M is midway in between J and P.

I can imagine this being a homework question for someone in child school.

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Either Z or M, depending on which direction.

If you create all the letter in a repeating circle, lock go prefer this:


Depending on which pair that J’s and also P’s girlfriend pick, either M or Z will certainly be in the middle of them:



Which collection comes midway between J and T?

Do you typical in the sentence? In the sentence it would certainly be ‘A’

J “A” nd T


Do you median in the alphabet?

It would be “O”

What is the probability that the vowel is prior to j?

The answer counts on what language you refer to. It likewise depends ~ above which details vowel is being described as “the vowel”.

Then girlfriend would require to recognize the number of words in the language that consisted of a j and those that consisted of a j after ~ the vowel. The 2nd number split by the fist would provide the forced probability.

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Remember the sequence: EJOTY; it provides the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th letters of the alphabet. Native this you can number that J is the 10th letter and also P the 16th. Halfway in between is the 13th letter, which, again making use of EJOTY, is M.

In the alphabet collection which letter is midway in between 22nd letter native the left and also 21st letter native the right?

We have 22nd letter from the left is V.21st letter indigenous the appropriate is F.The letter midway between F and V is N.Hence the correct answer is N.Option (D) is the answer.

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which vowel comes midway in between j and t?

In the alphabet witch letter is midway between J and P?

The letter midway between J and also P is the letter M.