1Joseph Haydn was contents to spend many of his life
A)serving a rich aristocratic family.

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B)as a church musician and also organist.
C)as an independently wealthy composer.
D)as a expert free-lance musician.
2In the timeless period, comic operas sometimes
A)were based upon the Old Testament.
B)ridiculed the aristocracy.
C)were in Latin.
D)All answers space correct.
3Haydn"s contract that employment shows that he was considered
A)a expert servant.
B)a free-lance musician.
C)a visiting guest composer.
D)an equal by his employer.
4Social mobility during the classical duration was
A)a restricted sociological factor.
B)ruthlessly stamped the end by the aristocracy.
C)promoted and also encouraged by the church.
D)an essential factor in the climb of the center class.
5Vienna in 1800
A)was the fourth-largest city in Europe.
B)had a population of practically 250,000.
C)was the seat of the divine Roman Empire.
D)All answers room correct.
6In Vienna, Haydn and Mozart
A)avoided each other.
B)became near friends.
C)were jealous of each other.
D)never met.
7In the classic period, major composition was flavored by
A)folk and also popular music.
B)heroic and also mythological plots.
C)elaborately ornamented melodies.
D)All answers room correct.
8The prospering middle class in the classical duration sought aristocratic luxuries such as
A)theater, literature, and music.
B)shopping trips.
C)larger houses.
D)more political influence.
9The Concert des Amateurs, an company in Paris dedicated to presenting windy concerts, was performed in the 1770s by
A)Johann Christian Bach.
B)the Chevalier de Saint-Georges.
C)Ludwig valve Beethoven.

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D)Joseph Haydn.