Usually, when you think that a force, you are considering an applied force, i beg your pardon is an communication of one object on another that reasons the 2nd object come accelerate, adjust velocity, or change direction.

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The pressure can it is in a push, pull, or drag. The result direction of things depends on the loved one direction the the force on the object.

A force equation shows the relationship in between force, mass, and acceleration. The object will certainly accelerate as long as the force is gift applied.

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Types of applied forces

A pressure can be applied to one more object by a direct push, pull, or drag. A collision is a form of a advertise application. A pressure at a street is a kind of pulling force.


The many common type of pressure is a press through physics contact. Basic examples include:

You can push on a door to open itYou deserve to lift things off the floorYou can throw a ballThe wind deserve to push youA machine can push something

A pushing force is usually the an outcome of some complicated process, such as a chemical reaction.


When one object collides with one more object, the velocity of both objects will certainly change. In a perfect elastic collision. The change in velocity is instantaneous. Although a "force" is applied, over there is no acceleration. That is greatly a move of momentum and energy.

Most collisions room inelastic, an interpretation that some power is lost and there is a time lag between the carry of momentum. In such a case, the force is called an impulse force. Since there is a time lag, the pressure equation can hold.


You can use a pressure by directly pulling on one object, such together pulling on a rope to relocate a box. A special type of pulling is a force at a distance.

Force at a distance

Gravitation, magnetism, and static electricity are some of the forces that act at a distance with no physical call required to move objects. They generally pull on the object.

Whereas numerous forces are created, these pressures occur in nature.

(See The Mysterious force at a distance for an ext information.)


If 2 objects or products are in contact, and both are permitted to move, the motion of one object can reason motion ~ above the other due to the friction in between the surfaces. This dragging effect is different from the resistive pressure of friction, whereby one solved object or material passively restricts the motion of another object.

Results that the direction the the force

The outcomes of the direction the the force is used on an object vary through the motion of the object.

Stationary object

A force applied on a stationary object will move that object in the direction that the force unless over there is a large enough resistive pressure holding it back.

Moving object

A force applied on a relocating object in the same direction of activity will advice or boost the rate of the object. This have the right to be seen as soon as pushing top top a roll wagon.

A force applied on a moving object in the contrary direction of motion will mitigate the speed of the object. For example, you can slow down when walking right into a fast wind.

At one angle

A force used at an angle to the activity of an object can not only readjust its speed however also adjust its direction. This have the right to be seen by the curved course of the planets as result of the gravitational pull from the Sun.

Force equation

The acceleration resulted in by an applied force is:

a = F/m

This connection is an ext often composed as the force equation:

F = ma


F is the pressure required to get over the inertia of an objectm is the fixed of the objecta is the acceleration brought about by the force

Note that the object will accelerate as lengthy as the force is gift applied. When the force stops, the object will move openly at a consistent speed uneven held back by a resistive force.


An applied force is an interaction of one object on another that causes the 2nd object to accelerate or change velocity or direction.

The pressure can be a push, pull, or drag. The resulting direction of an object depends top top the family member direction the the force on the object.

A pressure equation is F = ma. The object will certainly accelerate as long as the force is gift applied.

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