Are you prepared to check out some of the words that are often misspelled? Hint: the word "misspell" is among them. Below, you"ll discover a one-stop cure because that all your spelling ills. The list highlights the exactly spelling the 100 hard words come spell, along with brief advice on just how to avoid making usual spelling mistakes. Even if it is you"re a student or are simply looking to compile a list of hard words because that a spelling punishment competition, this list of 100 difficult words come spell is a good resource to use.


Hard Words to Spell from C-D

Words that are difficult to assignment don"t protect against with the first couple of letters that the alphabet. From calendar to dumbbell, the letter "c" and also "d" attitude some hard spelling challenges to consider.

calendar - To correctly spell calendar, remember that this word has one "e" sandwiched in between two a"s. The last collection is an "a."category - In this word, the "y" is pronounced through a lengthy "e" sound, however don"t assignment it that way. It"s no spelled catastrophe, also though the finish sounds space similar, due to the fact that the center vowel is an "e."changeable - The verb change keeps the "e" as soon as able is added to the end. The spelling of this word shows that the "g" is soft, no hard.

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collectible - Where do you store a collection? In her home. Use the word "in" together a reminder the this word"s final syllable ends through an "i." column - A silent final "n" is not unusual in English, specifically after "m." Some buildings need columns to be structurally sound, so think around the "n" in require when assignment this word. committed - If you"re committed to exactly spelling, think about twin consonants to help you remember the you"ll need to double the final "t" from "commit" before including the -ed suffix. conscientious - occupational on your spelling conscientiously! for this word, remember that conscientious has the /ch/ sound spelled two various ways: "sc" and "ti."conscious - try to be aware of the "sc" spelling of the /ch/ sound and also the reality that there are three vowels in this word"s critical syllable. Store the order directly by thinking of "i-o-u."consensus - Don"t get tricked right into spelling the finish of this word choose "census." The census go not need a consensus, due to the fact that the 2 terms actually room not associated in meaning.definitely - additionally related come the rule of suffixes, the silent "e" remains with words definite when an -ly is added to the end. discipline - This frequently used word has actually an inexplicable spelling. Think of just how this word is damaged into syllables: dis-ci-pline. Remember that the "sc" sound actually comes from two different syllables. The should help keep you from leave out one of the letters. drunkenness - To aid you remember the drunkenness has actually two n"s and also two s"s, psychic that having actually too much to drink could cause one to see double!

Hard to Spell Words from E-H

The an ext you discover the alphabet, the more hard words come spell you"ll find. Native embarrass to humorous, many of words that begin with letters in between "e" and also "h" room ever-so-difficult come spell properly.

embarrass - spelling this native won"t it is in a cause for embarrassment if you remember the it"s large enough because that a twin "r" and a twin "s."equipment - This indigenous is misspelled "equiptment" a lot. However, the just "t" in this word is at the end, so be certain not to include one in the middle. exhilarate - remembering the "h" is silent when you spell this word will lift her spirits high, v no "h" required. The various other tricky component of this indigenous is the fact that there are two a"s. exceed - This native is regularly misspelled v -cede at the end instead that -ceed. Think of the double-digit rate limit friend shouldn"t exceed! This should aid you remember the side-by-side e"s. existence - world often replace one or both the the e"s in this word with an "a." Remember that there is no "a" in existence. experience - It"s reasonably common for civilization to instead of an "a" because that the critical "e" in the word experience. Repeat yourself that there room three e"s in this word. fiery - This one is tough. The basic word is fire, yet when making use of it together an adjective, the "r" and "e" readjust places before a "y" is included to the end. foreign - The word international violates the i-before-e rule. Remember the something foreign is various from the norm, which is also the situation with exactly how this indigenous is spelled. gauge - to gauge the positioning of the "a" and also "u" in this word, remember the these two vowels appear in alphabetical order.grateful - mental that thankful is based upon the indigenous gratitude, not the word great, for this reason it need to be assignment accordingly. Save "great" the end of "grateful." harass - This word is too little for two sets of dual letters, just double the "s" top top the end.height - English will the elevation (not heigth!) that absurdity as soon as it spells "height" and "width" therefore differently. Remember that height is opposing of width, so it does not end with "th."hierarchy - The i-before-e dominion works fine here. Repeat yourself that "hierarchy" is all about proper order, therefore it makes sense to stick to the dominion when you"re order this word. humorous - civilization often leave the end the 2nd "o," wrongly believing that only the "u" is needed rather than the "ou" diphthong. Think the it prefer this: The "r" is so weak here, it demands an "o" top top both political parties to host it up.

Difficult Words to Spell I-L

Ignorance of exactly spelling doesn"t provide you a patent to rotate in work-related that"s rife through spelling mistakes. Instead, take the moment to learn exactly how to assignment these an overwhelming words throughout the alphabet, consisting of ones that begin with the letters in between "i" and "l."

ignorance - Don"t display your ignorance by spelling this word v -ence! Remember the the collection in ignorance are consistent with ignorant and ignoramus. There"s no "e" in these terms. immediate - perform you require something now? then you should spell this word v two m"s because that the proper emphasis! independent - Remember that there are no a"s in words independent. Instead, there room three e"s. You re welcome be independent however not in your spelling of this word. It end on -ent.indispensable - knowing this word end on -able is one indispensable order skill. Remember her indispensable assistant (starts v "a") makes you able (starts v "a") to function. inoculate - This indigenous is often misspelled v a dual "n." This one sounds choose a shooting in the eye. Repeat yourself the one "n" in the eye is (more than) enough. Nobody demands two!intelligence - Using 2 i"s in this word and also ending it with -ence rather than -ance room marks of, of course, intelligence. There space no a"s in this term. jewelry - jewelry is make by a jeweler, yet don"t just include on a "y" to the word. Instead, the last "e" flees the step (like a jewel thief!) once "y" is added to the end. judgment - Judges make judgments. The "e" must be dropped as soon as -ment is added to the word "judge." In british English, though, either spelling (with or without the "e" at the end of judge) is correct. kernel - there is more than a kernel of fact to the claim that every the vowels in this word room e"s. There are no o"s in this word. Conserve those because that popcorn! leisure - This ax is an additional violator the the i-before-e rule. Remember the if you walk to Hawaii for part rest and also relaxation (i.e., leisure), you"ll it is in greeted v a lei. license - Remember that there"s only one "s" in license, so the various other soft /s/ sound needs to be a "c." Fortunately, these letters appear alphabetically in this word.

Common Misspellings M-O

There are even an ext often misspelled words that begin with the letters "m" v "o." Make an initiative to very own your duty for spelling these words appropriately rather than being too many reliant top top the spell check role on your computer system or cell phone device.

maintenance - The key tenants that this word room "main" and "tenance" also though the term comes from the verb to maintain. It has precisely two e"s, though civilization often mistakenly use a third "e" instead of the 2nd "a."maneuver - This one combines the French native French main and oeuvre, i beg your pardon together median handwork. In English, the assignment adjusts slightly. Main is shortened to man and ouevre is shortened to euver. That"s whereby the assignment of maneuver comes from. medieval - The medieval orthography that English lays traps for you: everything about the Middle ages is middle ages or, together the British would certainly write, mediaeval. In both situations, there is secondary vowel before the second "e."millennium - This indigenous is huge enough to host two set of dual consonants, double "l" and twin "n." Plus, remember the it started in a year with dual o"s in ~ the end. miniature - because that "a" is hardly ever pronounced, it"s straightforward to leaving it the end of spelling. Repeat yourself that this one has four distinct syllables, two of which are solo vowels: min-i-a-ture.minuscule - because something minuscule is smaller than a miniature, it"s a minus, not a mini. See? That"s why this word has a "u" prior to the "s."mischievous - This mischievous indigenous holds 2 traps: an "i" before the "e," and an -ous rather than a -us or or also -ious ending.misspell - What is more embarrassing 보다 misspelling the surname of the trouble (spelling)? just remember that it is mis- + spell. The s"s room in separate syllables therefore they both stay. neighbor - words neighbor invokes a quiet "gh," and also the /ei/ sound as a rule. This is fraught v error potential. It is one of the designated exceptions to the "i" prior to "e" rule, so the "e" comes before the "i." As far as the "g" goes, remind you yourself to shot to it is in a great neighbor. noticeable - The "e" is noticeably maintained in this word to indicate the "c" is soft, which means that it"s pronounced choose /s/. Without the "e," the "c" would be hard and also have the /k/ sound, just like the native applicable.occasionally - Writers sometimes tire of copy so numerous consonants (or just forget). Psychic that the word "occasionally" refers to something the occurs more than once as a reminder to double the "c" and the "l." occurrence - remember not only the occurrence of two pairs of twin consonants in this word but also note that the suffix is -ence, not -ance.

Hard Words to Spell from P-R

Yes, over there are even more challenging spelling words that begin with the letters"p" with "r." when you begin considering the most typically misspelled words, you"ll pretty soon realize that there are fairly a few. ~ all, once it rains, that pours!

pastime - since a pastime is something you execute to happen the time, girlfriend would expect a dual "s" here. However, friend aren"t talking around the happen of time or exactly how time passes, i beg your pardon would incorporate two s"s. A pastime is one activity, i m sorry is one enjoyable way to invest time. Knowing the different interpretations should help. perseverance - every it takes is perseverance and you deserve to be a perfect speller. The suffix is -ance, destroying an nearly perfect run of e"s. The correct spelling is maxed out at 4 e"s already, therefore don"t take it increase to five by using an "e" wherein the "a" belongs. personnel - It"s not personal that personnel has two n"s and also one "l." It"s business, i beg your pardon is the paper definition in i beg your pardon this word is used. An individual is one entirely different word. As soon as you"re introduce to the human being who work for a business, use 2 l"s and also an "e." There"s no "a" in personnel. possession - Possession possesses much more s"s than a hissing snake. Remember that there are two cases of double s"s in this word for a total of four. precede - What follows, succeeds, therefore what goes before should execute what? nothing confuses English spelling an ext than usual sense. We "succeed" after ~ the fact however "precede" before. This term is the Latin origin, combining pre and cedere. It way to go before.principal - The indigenous principle and also principal sound the same however are order differently. Once you"re referring to someone that is in fee (such as a institution principal) or at the peak (such together a major dancer), use primary with one "a". They"re in ~ the peak of your occupation, therefore their last vowel is in ~ the top of the alphabet. privilege - according to the together of this word, that center vowel might be anything. Remember that this word has two i"s adhered to by 2 e"s.pronunciation - Nouns often differ indigenous the verb they"re acquired from, which is true in this case. Here, the 2nd "o" has actually been dropped from the root word pronounce, as well as the "e." publicly - Let"s publicly declare the dominion (again)! If one adverb comes from an adjective ending in -al, encompass that ending in the adverb. If not, together in here, don"t add an -al. questionnaire - The French room doing the to us again. Don"t concern it, just double up top top the n"s and don"t forget the quiet "e" ~ above the end.receipt - This is another example the the "i" prior to "e" rule. Plus, to further complicate things, this word has actually a silent "p." Think of patiently wait for a receipt to publish in the store. recommend - Think the this word as the identical of commending. It"s formed by combining re- + commend. That would be (re)commendable. Any type of time commend is offered as component of a word, it includes two m"s and one "c." reference - refer to the previously mentioned word and remember to add -ence to the end of the term. In this case. Notice that the "r" is not doubled in this case. relevant - The relevant variable here is that the word is no "revelant," "revelent," or even "relevent." It"s all around "l" prior to "v" and the suffix -ant.rhyme - Actually, "rime" was the exactly spelling until 1650, yet it is not correct now. After that time, the assignment was changed to rhyme. Remember that it begins the same means as the word rhythm. rhythm - This one was obtained from Greek (and conveniently never ever returned). As a result, it"s spelled the method words the are obtained from are spelled.

Challenging Words come Spell S-Z

Even in ~ the an extremely end that the alphabet, there room sure some genuine zingers. Words that are complicated to assignment persist every the method through the alphabet, come the very last letter.

schedule - If perfecting her spelling is on your schedule, mental the /sc/ sound is spelled the same way as the beginning of words "school." Think about your college schedule and also remind yourself to use the exact same three consonant at the start of both words. separate - just how do you different the e"s from the a"s in this word? merely remember the "e" is the an initial vowel in the article and also the last. In other words, the e"s surround the a"s. sergeant - The "a" in this word has been marched come the ago of the line, for this reason it"s in the critical syllable. Psychic that, along with the fact that "e" is used in both syllables. You"ll be able to write come or about your sergeant without are afraid of a assignment error. supersede - This indigenous supersedes every others in perversity. This is the only English word based upon the stem -sede. Supersede combines the Latin words super and sedere, meaning to sit above.threshold - This one can push you end the threshold. The looks prefer a link of "thresh" and also "hold" however it isn"t. Two h"s in the word room enough. The letter "h" walk not appear side-by-side in this word.twelfth - even if girlfriend omit the "f" in your pronunciation the this indigenous (which you shouldn"t, as this is a together error), it"s always retained in the spelling. Once in doubt, girlfriend could constantly opt to create 12th instead. tyranny - If you space still resisting the tyranny the English orthography at this point, friend must challenge the difficulty of the "y" inside this word. It describes a tyrant and also whose difficulty is tyranny. Don"t forget to dual up ~ above the n"s before adding the "y."until - Don"t add an extra "l" to until. This word demands only one. It would certainly be wrong to include more; there room no double letters in this term. vacuum - world tend come misspell this native by using two c"s and one "u," or 2 of both of this letters. Both room incorrect. Come spell vacuum correctly, remember the "u" is the only double letter in the term.

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weather - whether you favor the weather or not, you need to have the "a" after ~ the "e" once you placed it in writing. That course, that"s if you"re introduce to the weather conditions. Words whether offer an entirely various purpose. weird - This word is an exemption to the rule around "i" I prior to "e" except after "c." Remember the this indigenous is an exception, despite of course exceptions aren"t so monster in the English language! It"s complete of exceptions to the rule.

Misspelling Mania: Master much more Tough Spelling native

The English language is full of etymological pitfalls and also exceptions to the rules once it concerns spelling. Working v the list above, consisting of the advantageous tips, will help you recoup from your spelling woes and effectively improve your order skills. If you"re prepared to investigate another set of confuse words come spell, review"s additional list that attributes 150 more commonly misspelled words for you come consider. Once you"re prepared to soothe your aching head, be sure to inspect out this fast overview that words with two spellings.