I ultimately had the opportunity to take it the satellite last October 3 and achieved a 1490. However, MIT's 25th percentile is 1500. Must I report mine 1490 or should I use test optional?

In terms of context, i am an international non-English speaking student who had actually been trying to carry out the SAT since March but since of the pandemic, ns was not able to do it until October once the only facility in my country announced it was going to hold the satellite with just two weeks in advance. I will only only have the ability to retake it in December as November test dates are no offered and also I would prefer to know it is worth doing it due to the fact that 1490 does not seem to far from 1500. However, i am additionally concerned the my math score is relatively low (750) compared to MIT 25th value which i think it's either 770 or 780. Ns am likewise asking because I accomplished 108 in the TOEFL and although MIT no longer accepts the TOEFL together a substitute for the SAT, i could apply SAT test optional with the TOEFL score.

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I median I would personally use test-optional just due to the fact that your mathematics score isn't the high, and I don't think the score helps you in any way. Let your high grades in math/science shine rather of the satellite score.

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The MIT class of 2024 stats are connected here:


The center 50% reflects a variety of 1520/1580, so 1490 is 30 pts turn off the lower 25%. The middle Math SAT range is 790/800 because that 25%/75% therefore 750 is 40 pts off. The acceptance rates of Intl' students are 3.4% versus 8.3% domestic so it's more than double as tough if you are using from one more country. Ns don't recognize what particular criteria lock are difficult on for this reason I'm just thinking out loud that there might be many Int'l students through near-perfect mathematics scores.

Like CalTech, MIT is extremely STEM-focused and that is why the majority of students using have a lop-sided transcript completely loaded v the hardest math, science, and also ECs in these locations as well. Uneven you room interested in studying humanities or organization versus majoring in science your mathematics score requirements improving. If you had actually for example a 780-800 math Level 2 topic Test score or scored a 5 in AP Calc ab or AP Calc BC the would consist of for the mathematics score. Likewise if you had A qualities in challenging maths favor Multi-variable calculus (Calc 3), that would certainly overcompensate for 750 and also they might give girlfriend a pass due to the fact that SAT maths are much easier.

Just to clarify, you composed you room a non-English speak student but how did girlfriend score 108 ~ above the TOEFL check then. Girlfriend must have received something prefer a 25 come 27 ~ above the speaking ar no?

My recommendation is that you evaluation your entire application and identify locations of mathematics excellence that have the right to advocate on her behalf to show you recognize high math and a very good student of math and also science. If there are various other Math examples than i wouldn't worry much about submitting the 1490. If her 750 is your only test score in MATH and you don't have a subject Test, and also ACT Math/Science score, or AP Score to support your mathematics ability, I would not introduce submitting the then.