If you gained a 1510 sat score, you"re probably wondering exactly how you compare to various other students, and whether a 1510 is good enough to acquire into college.

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The reality is, it relies on your personal college goals and also where you desire to apply. We have the complete guide because that you here. top top this page, you"ll uncover statistics around your score and also what colleges you"re compete for. You can additionally use our possibility Estimator tool to number out your possibilities of acquiring into her target schools.

1510 satellite Score Standings

Here"s how you to compare to various other students and also how countless colleges you space competitive for:


Out of the 2.13 million test-takers, 18201 score the very same or greater than you.

Competitive For:1491 Schools

You can use to 1491 colleges and also have a good shot at obtaining admitted.

Missing the end On:7 Schools

You have actually a an extremely low possibility of obtaining into 7 institutions with this score.

Top choice Colleges Chances

Can you obtain into your top selection colleges?

We"ve built up data from numerous students and also thousands of colleges to number out your opportunities at getting admitted through a 1510 satellite score. You"ll likewise see how your chances enhance with a greater SAT score.

To include a school to her list, type in component of the college name, pick from the dropdown, and click the button.

Check mine Chances
Chances with 1600
School NameLocationChances v 1510
*These calculations i think you’re at the typical GPA because that this school. Click the institution to see an ext detailed info about your chances of gaining admitted.
What if you enhanced your sat score through 90 points? friend would:be competitive because that 7 more schools in the countryraise her chances of acquiring into target institutions from 78.85% come 79.22%
Are you ready to get serious about your sat prep and also improve her score by 160 points?

ptcouncil.net guarantees that through our digital prep program, you"ll boost your score by 160 points, or you obtain all your money back.

The an enig to our routine is customization: ptcouncil.net instantly figures the end your strengths and also weaknesses, then customizes what you find out so girlfriend improve much more points in much less time. ptcouncil.net was developed by Harvard graduates and also SAT complete scorers, and thousands that students have trusted ptcouncil.net with improving their scores.

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Other institutions For You

What schools have the right to you get into with an satellite score the 1510?

We"ve picked out a set of colleges that room within range. Click each college to learn much more about it.