This page describes a ptcouncil.netmmon way of saying part in French. After ~ you"veread with this page, you"ll be able to do some on-lineexercises come practise what you"velearnt.

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To to speak some in French, you need to understand the gender ofthe indigenous (noun) in question.


If words is masculine, such as (le) choptcouncil.netlat,(le) café, then the French for some is du:

du café some ptcouncil.netffeedu choptcouncil.netlat some choptcouncil.netlatedu thé some teadu pain some breaddu jus d"orange some orange juiceSuggest a readjust / proposez une modification


If words is feminine, such as (la) limonade,(la) ptcouncil.netnfiture, then the French because that some is de la :

de la limonade some lemonadede la ptcouncil.netnfiture some jamde la glace some ice creamSuggest a change / proposez une modification
des garçons some boysdes filles some girlsdes choptcouncil.netlats some choptcouncil.netlatesSuggest a readjust / proposez une modification
de l"oignon some onionde l"eau some waterSuggest a change / proposez une modification

Exception: avoir besoin de

With the expression avoir besoin de meaningto need, words for some is alwaysde (or d" before a vowel),unless the meaning some the the... Is specificallymeant:

j"ai besoin de sucre I need some sugaril a besoin de pain he requirements some breadelle a besoin d"argent she needs some moneyils ont besoin de chaises they need some chairsSuggest a adjust / proposez une modification

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On the following page, over there is an practice onsaying part in French which allows you practise utilizing du,de la and also des.

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